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Look below for the TOC
  bullet Sabino Canyon Recreation Area in Arizona - a desert oasis
  bullet Sacagawea - Indian Interpreter & guide - informative information
  bullet Sacagawea - Symbol of Peace at Columbia River Gorge in OR
  bullet Sacagawea Scenic Overlook & statues in Great Falls, Montana
  bullet Saguaro N.P./SABINO Canyon, Tucson, AZ (cactus)(petroglyphs)
  bullet sailboats in Bar Harbor, Maine
  bullet sailor kissing nurse statues (2) "Unconditional Surrender"
  bullet St Augustine FL & the Castillo De San Marcos Nat'l Monument
  bullet Saint Augustine Lighthouse, & a Sculpture Garden & Fort Matanzas - 2014
  bullet Saint John-New Brunswick-Monument workers killed/injured on job
  bullet Saint Louis, Missouri and the Gateway Arch - October 3, 2009
  bullet Saint Louis, Gateway Arch, Ballpark Village & City Museum - 2017
  bullet Saint Maarten (St. Martin) - Kingdom of the Netherlands
  bullet Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse
  bullet Saint Mary Falls & Virginia Falls in Glacier NP (caught in the rain)

bullet Saint Simons Island in Georgia & St. Simons Lighthouse - the Sea Islands

  bullet Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Island - 2014 cruise
  bullet Saint Thomas, USVI - 2010 line dance cruise - Beacon Point & Magens Bay
  bullet Salem, Massachusetts - Witch City
  bullet salmon trying to jump & go upstream in Seward, Alaska
  bullet salmon: Fraser River - world's greatest salmon river
  bullet salmon: carving-record-holder for largest sport-caught king salmon
  bullet Salmon Glacier - 5th largest in the world - 2015
  bullet Salmon Glacier - 5th largest in the world - 2009
  bullet Salt Kettle (Confederate) located outside the Cedar Key Museum in FL
  bullet Salt Works at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Oregon
  bullet Saluda NC, and the Saluda Tunnel and waterfalls
  bullet Samana, Dominican Republic line dance cruise - several pages
  bullet San Angelo State Park in Texas
  bullet San Antonio Alamo Cenotaph - a memorial - and more
  bullet San Diego hotels while the two RV Gypsies were homeless - 2015
  bullet San Francisco Bay Bridge
  bullet San Juan Expedition-Hole-in-the-Rock Escalante Heritage Center UT
  bullet sand boarding 101 -Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho
  bullet sand dollars - learn how to know if they are dead or alive.
  bulletsand dune buggy ride in Florence, Oregon 2009
  bulletsand dune buggy ride in Florence, Oregon 2015
  bullet sand dunes - tallest in Florida, Amelia Island (one of the Sea Islands)
  bullet sand dunes - Gulf State Park Beach Dune and very white sand in Alabama
  bullet sand dunes - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore & Central Beach
  bullet sand dunes - Mount Baldy sand dune west of Michigan City, Indiana
  bullet sand dunes - Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes - The Dune Climb in Michigan
  bullet sand dunes - South Jetty Sand Dunes and other dunes Florence, OR
  bullet sand dunes - South Jetty Sand Dunes 2013 (not the same as above)
  bullet sand hills- Monahans Sandhills State Park, TX - Karen rolls down hills
  bullet sand sculpture at Huntsville Botanical Gardens in Alabama
  bullet sand shark - Haystack Rock Beach - Oregon
  bullet sandman on Fort Lauderdale Beach and some parrots
  bullet Sandhill Cranes, Clermont Florida (more in TOC-Wildlife)
  bullet Sandy Trostad's 50th Anniversary Celebration
  bullet Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC -one of the nicest gardens ever
  bullet Sarasota FL & Myakka River State Park - Canopy Walk, alligators
  bullet Sasquatch with a Trump flag in Fort Mill, SC
  bullet Sasquatch - Lee pokes Bigfoot in the nose at Rock City Park in NY
  bullet Sasquatch at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  bulletSasquatch - 4 bigfoot carvings in Oregon
  bulletSasquatch -statue at Mystery of Trees in Klamath, California
  bullet Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada
  bullet Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan
  bullet Savannah, Georgia - 2010, 2014, & 2021
  bullet Sawyer Glacier in Alaska - 2004
  bullet saxophones on top of traffic lights and in a park in NC
  bullet Scandinavian Heritage Center in Minot, North Dakota
  bullet Scandinavian Chapel and Museum in South Dakota
  bullet scarecrows-amazing unique (in FL) - fireman, fisherman, 50's bopper
  bullet Scarecrows (very realistic) at Leesburg Town Square in Florida
  bullet scarecrows - Joe's Scarecrow Village-Nova Scotia
  bullet scarecrows in Fort Mill, South Carolina - October 2018
  bullet scarecrows in Fort Mill, SC in 2019
  bullet Scarecrows in Fort Mill, SC 2020 - 3 pages
  bullet Scarecrows in Fort Mill, SC - 2021
  bullet Scarecrows in Gatlinburg, TN -2021
  bullet SCARY experience on the Meramec River
  bullet scavenger hunt in a giant mural in Forest City, NC - 2 pages
  bullet scavenger hunt and trivia game in Killington, Vermont
  bullet scavenger hunt - St. Simons Island Tree Spirit Scavenger Hunt in 2021
  bullet scenery and rivers in British Columbia
  bullet scenic canyon in Rock Springs, Wyoming
  bullet scenic drive - North Shore Scenic Byway along Lake Superior, MN
  bullet school bell at a park in Michigan
  bullet school house - Old Bailey School House (1907) in Michigan
  bullet Scott County IN-self-guided driving tour 55 miles 2-1/2 hours on SR56
  bullet Scottish signs that are funny
  bullet Sculpturedale in Kent, CT - life-size steel and bronze animals
  bullet sculptures - Horse sculptures in front of Caesars Casino, Atlantic City NJ
  bullet sculptures outside of Fabulous Furniture Store in NY
  bullet sculpture - near the Children's Garden at SC Botanical Gardens in SC
  bullet sculpture garden - (Key West Memorial) - Key West, Florida
  bullet sculpture garden -Cultural Plaza honoring Clans, Winnebago, NE
  bullet sculpture gallery -Sculpture Gallery in Zanesville, Ohio
  bullet Sculpture Park - Butler Sculpture Park in Sheffield, MA
  bullet sculpture park - Josephine Sculpture Park in Kentucky
  bullet sculpture park - Recycled Spirits of Iron Sculpture Park in Elbe, WA
  bullet sculpture walk-sculpture walk event in downtown Sioux Falls, SD 2012
  bullet sculptures, statues and art from lots of places in TOC art
  bullet Sea to Sky Gondola and suspension bridge in Squamish, B.C.
  bullet Sea Islands in Georgia (Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island)
  bullet sea caves - Apostle Island Cruise in Bayfield, Wisconsin
  bullet sea caves / Sea Otters /Tatoosh Island / Cape Flattery /
  bullet sea plane (seaplane, floatplane) adventure-Alaska - & a scary thought
  bullet Sea Lions Cave-Florence Oregon - world's largest sea cave - 2009
  bullet Sea Life Aquarium in Concord, NC
  bullet sea lions outside of the Sea Lion Cave in Florence, Oregon - 2013
  bullet sea lions/seals are all listed under the wildlife button in the TOC
  bullet sea lion show in the amazing Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada
  bullet seafood festival in Blufton, South Carolina 2014
  bullet Seaman the dog at Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn
  bullet Seattle Center-art/sculptures, water dome, Space Needle & more
  bullet Secret Woods Nature Center & Butterfly Garden in Davie, Florida
  bullet Sedona, AZ - Oak Creek Canyon, SR 89A - a scenic drive

SEGWAY TOURS THAT THE TWO RV GYPSIES HAVE TAKEN - 29 so far (listed in alphabetical order)

  bullet Segway tour #17 - Anchorage, Alaska (SegTours of Anchorage) - July 20, 2016
  bullet Segway tour  #1 - Asheville, NC  (Moving Sidewalk Tours)- May 8, 2010
  bullet Segway tour #15 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - (River Valley Adventures Tours) June 5, 2016)
  bullet Segway tour #25 - Columbus, Ohio - (SegAway Tours of Columbus) - July 15, 2020
  bullet Segway tour #9 - Duluth, Minnesota (Duluth Glides) - August 30, 2015
  bullet Segway tour #16 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (River Valley Adventures) - June 8, 2016

bullet Segway tour #18 - Edmonton, Alberta (River Valley Adventures) (2nd tour - different area & photos than above) 8/20/2016

  bullet Segway tour #21 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (SegAway tours of Gettysburg) June 22,  2017
  bullet Segway tour #4  - Glenwood Springs, Colorado - (Colorado River Trail)  - August 23, 2012
  bullet Segway tour #22 -Greenville SC - (Greenville Glides)  - August 28, 2019
  bullet Segway tour #20 - Guilford, Connecticut -(Shoreline Segway New England)  - June 12, 2017
  bullet Segway tour #14 - Lampe, MO - Dogwood Canyon Nature Park - May 10, 2016
  bullet Segway tour #5 - Louisville, KY - June 3, 2013 - a more extensive tour than the one below)
  bullet Segway tour #10 - Louisville, KY - September 26, 2015 - (some different places than the one above)
  bullet Segway tour  #12 - Mt Dora, FL - (Segway of Central FL) - April 26, 2016 - & the Mall Cop
  bullet Segway tour #19 - Mt Pleasant, SC (Segway of Charleston) June 1, 2017 (won't do this one again)
  bullet Segway tour #26 - Myrtle Beach, S.C.  (Segs by the Sea) - mostly of Warbird Park - September 16, 2020
  bullet Segway tour #13 - Pensacola, Florida (Emerald Coast Tours) - May 1, 2016
  bullet Segway tour #28 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- June 11, 2021
  bullet Segway tour #24 - Rockbridge Ohio (Hocking Hills off road) - July 13, 2020 - (won't do this one again)
  bullet Segway tour #7 - San Antonio, Texas (SegCity Tours) - May 6, 2015
  bullet Segway tour # 2 - Savannah, Georgia - May 22, 2010
  bullet Segway tour # 27 - Savannah, GA (Adventure Tours in Motion) (different from above tour)- April 2021
  bullet Segway tour #8 - Seattle, Washington (Magic Carpet Glide) -June 19, 2015
  bullet Segway tour #6 - St. Petersburg, FL (St. Pete Segway Tours) - April 24, 2015
  bullet Segway tour #11 - Tampa, Florida (Magic Carpet Glide) - October 13, 2015
  bullet Segway tour #3 - Wheeling #3, West Virginia - September 29, 2011

bullet Segway tour #29 - Wilmington, NC (Cape Fear Segways) - September 20, 2021

  bullet Segway tour #23 - Yorktown, Virginia (Patriot Segway Tours) - June 26, 2020
  bullet Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel in Triangle, Virginia
  bullet Senator (the) Largest cypress tree in USA
  bullet Senor Frogs - St. Thomas and crazy signs
  bullet Sentinel (the)-worlds largest tree 70 tons- Sequoia National Park CA
  bullet sequoia trees - Kings Canyon National Park in California
  bullet sequoia trees - Sequoia Nat'l Park in CA (largest trees in the world)
  bullet Seward, Alaska & Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
  bullet Shannon Falls, the 6th largest waterfall in British Columbia
  bullet shark boat in Clearwater Beach, Florida
  bullet shark gift shop in Washington state
  bullet shark in the sand - Haystack Rock Beach - Oregon
  bullet Sharkshead gift store in Biloxi, Mississippi
  bullet Shasta Dam - the 2nd largest concrete dam in US
  bullet Shasta Lake - largest reservoir in the state of California
  bullet Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  bullet Shenandoah National Park in Virginia
  bullet Shifflett Cabin built in 1820 and located in Brea, KY
  bullet Ship Creek Fish Hatchery in Anchorage
  bullet ships -  USS Alabama at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL
  bullet ships - USS Duluth LPD-6 Memorial Anchor in Duluth, Minnesota
  bullet ships - USS KIDD in Louisiana
  bullet ships - USS Midway (CV-41) & USS San Diego (CL-53) memorial
  bullet Ships - U.S. Naval Ships (several) & barges in Chesapeake Bay in VA
  bullet ships - USS Naval Ships: USS Mass 1975, USS Wisconsin 1975, Battleship Texas 1981, and San Jacinto Battleground
  bullet ships -  USS North Carolina Battleship and Memorial in Wilmington, NC - 2 pages
  bullet ships - USS San Diego (CL-53) memorial at Tuna Harbor, San Diego
  bullet ships - USS Wisconsin in Norfolk,Virginia
  bullet ships - Norwegian Getaway cruise -radio station WSRZ 107.9 - 2014
  bullet ships - Norwegian Sky Country Western Cruise with 31 artists - 2015
  bullet ships - Santa Maria replica at the Edmonton Mall in Canada
  bullet ships - Spanish Hole's Mystery Shipwreck-St Marks River FL - signs
  bullet ships - SS Arthur M. Anderson - a cargo ship of the laker type
  bullet ships - SS Klondike, Whitehorse, Yukon CA-(sternwheeler)(Nat'l site)
  bullet ships - SS Nenana river sternwheeler paddleship in Fairbanks, Alaska
  bullet ships - SS Savannah & signs about other ships named Savannah
  bullet ships - The Huron in Port Huron, Michigan
  bullet ships - The John G. Munson in Minnesota
  bullet ships - S.S. Klondike - a large stern wheeler on the Yukon River - 2009
  bullet ships - S.S. Klondike tour - 2016
  bullet ships - Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN


  bullet Shipbuilding Museum in Essex, Massachusetts
  bullet Shipyard Heritage Park in New Brunswick
  bullet Shipyards Park in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
  bullet shoes; 5th largest shoe company in the world-Craddock Terry Shoe Co
  bullet Shooting Star Drive-in, just west of Escalante, Utah
  bullet shopping mall - largest in North America - The Edmonton Mall
  bullet Shows - Acrobats of Shanghai - show in Branson, Missouri
  bullet Shows - Rick Thomas, Illusionist in Branson, Missouri - amazing
  bullet Shows - Terry Fator - singing ventriloquist in Las Vegas
  bullet Shows - Terry Fator at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD-different than above
  bullet shrimping boat trip, Biloxi, Mississippi
  bullet Shrine - Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin
  bullet Shrine - Our Lady of Lourdes, a Nat'l Shrine Grotto in Emmitsburg MD
  bullet Shrine - Our Lady of Peace Shrine in New Castle, Delaware
  bullet Shrine - Shrine of the Missionaries/Tower of History-Sault Ste Marie MI
  bullet sidewalk plaques in Meridian, MS - artists, singers, actors, etc.
  bullet Sien Lok Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  bullet Sign Post Forest-Watson Lake, gateway to the Yukon - 2009
  bullet Sign Post Forest - 2016 and a new sign honoring Brian Duquette
  bullet signs - funny - Grand Cayman (George Town) Cruise 2015
  bullet signs - funny -- Senor Frogs in St. Thomas U.S.V.I
  bullet signs -signs along the highways of Canada that are interesting
  bullet sign - Airboat crossing sign at Billie Swamp Safari in Florida
  bullet sign - alligators and cigarettes - a sign
  bullet sign - America needs Farmers banner
  bullet sign - Animal tracks
  bullet sign - Assiniboia sign in Saskatchewan, Canada
  bullet sign - bats
  bullet sign - Beware of fish in Greensboro, Georgia
  bullet sign - "Biden is Not My President" by the bridge at the GA/TN state line
  bullet sign - campground bar sign - "Don't just sit there nag your husband"
  bullet sign - campground bar sign - "Next Time Bring Your Wife"
  bullet signs - crazy Meds signs in Independence, Iowa
  bullet sign - custom-made signs for RVers
  bullet signs - dinosaur crossing
  bullet signs - dog swimming sign
  bullet signs - Drive carefully, Our squirrels can't tell one nut fro another
  bullet signs - End of the Earth sign in Michigan
  bullet signs - F.B.I. reserved parking in Savannah, Georgia
  bullet signs - Fight Dirty - Keep Arkansas Clean
  bullet sign - Firehouse Brewing Company and a fire truck light pole in SD
  bullet sign - gopher Tortoise crossing sign at Bok Tower
  bullet sign - great wildlife sign - visitor's center in Linville, North Carolina
  bullet sign - If it's Nae's Crr~ap!
  bullet sign - Keep Exploring
  bullet sign - Love Alaska & Helicopters may fly overhead -signs
  bullet signs - sign post in Blowing Rock NC with milage listed
  bullet sign - Mermaid Crossing sign in Minnesota
  bullet sign - Midland TX - home of President George W. Bush
  bullet signs meaning ??? - Myrtle Beach - say it outdoor, Use your outdoor voice, etc.
  bullet sign - Music Highway in Nashville, TN
  bullet sign - No Frackin' Way
  bullet sign - objects may fall from the sky
  bullet sign - Patrick was a Saint but I aint!
  bullet sign - Please Don't Feed the Musicians
  bullet sign - red ass Rhubarb Wine sing in South Dakota
  bullet sign - Senor Frogs - St. Thomas and crazy signs
  bullet sign - Shark drop off and pick up - Cedar Key, Florida
  bullet sign - Show Your Mind. Not Your Behind.
  bullet sign - Speed Table ahead
  bullet sign - Stop 4 directions
  bullet sign - Terrapin Crossing sign on Jekyll Island, Georgia
  bullet sign - welcome to Midland, hometown of Pres George Bush & Laura
  bullet sign - Woody's Fairly Reliable Guide Service - in Minnesota
  bullet sign - Scottish and funny signs in Nova Scotia
  bullet sign: Throwing Snowball or object at vehicles prohibited by law
  bullet sign: Wall Drug signs
  bullet sign: What happens at the river, Stays at the river
  bullet sign: Where The Heck is Easy Street?
  bullet sign: Wine Street
  bullet sign: words in the grass in Atlantic City, NJ
  bullet Sikanni River, British Columbia, Canada, roller coaster roads
  bullet Silver Bullet Jet Boat and Dolphin watch at Wildwood Marina, NJ
  bullet Silver Falls in Ontario, Canada
  bullet Silvervale Falls on Waterfalls Road, Caldwell County, North Carolina - 2021
  bullet Singing Tower (the) at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida
  bullet singer - Tiny Tim  - singer, ukulele player - performed in Atlantic City, NJ
  bullet Singing Tower in Luray, Virginia
  bullet Sioux Falls - the downtown city - 2016
  bullet Sioux Falls in Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD - 2016 & 2012
  bullet Sioux Falls, SD - the famous sculpture walk and Falls Park - 2012
  bullet Six Flags New England Agawam MA (old Riverside Park) park $20
  bullet Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park
  bullet Skagit Riverwalk-Mount Vernon, Washington state & some art
  bullet Skagway, Alaska, waterfalls and more
  bullet skeleton on a motorcycle
  bullet Skidaway Island State Park, Chatham County, Savannah, GA
  bullet skunk cabbage in Totem Bight State Park in Ketchikan, Alaska
  bullet Sky Hike at Stone Mountain, Georgia
  bullet Sky Lift & Natural Bridge-Natural Bridge State Resort Park in KY
  bullet Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge at Sea to Sky Gondola, BC 360 feet long
  bullet Sky Valley, Georgia and some decorated hay bales
  bullet Sky Walk Bridge, Mt. Jewett, PA/an old railroad historical bridge
  bullet Skybridge in Davenport, Iowa
  bullet Skyline Luge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - several pages
  bullet Skywalk-Grand Canyon-4000 feet above canyon floor-70 feet past rim
  bullet Skywalk-Glacier Skywalk Canadian Rockies-918 feet above Valley
  bullet Skylon Tower
  bullet Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes - The Dune Climb in Michigan
  bullet Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  bullet sled dogs in training for dog sled mushing at Denali National Park
  bullet sled dog cart ride at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska
  bullet sled dog rodeo and famous musher, Dallas Seavey
  bullet slot canyon in Boulder, Utah
  bullet Small River Rest Area about 30 miles from McBride, B.C.
  bullet Smithers, British Columbia, Canada - 2009 - a quick drive through
  bullet Smithers, British Columbia, Canada-statues-carvings & more 2015
  bullet Smokey the Bear gives Karen a hug in Portage, Alaska
  bullet Smokey the Bear and Cubs statue in International Falls, Minnesota
  bullet smoking tobacco in barns in Kentucky
  bullet Smythers wedding - 2018
  bullet snake float or something like that (a giant one with teeth)
  bullet Snake Wall-Paynes Prairie rest stop-Central FL-325 feet long 13 feet tall
  bullet Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie, Washington
  bullet snow: The snowiest place on earth - Thompson Pass in Alaska
  bullet snow on top of mountain in Palm Springs, California
  bullet snow Day in Florida
  bullet snow day in Fort Mill, SC - 2018
  bullet snow day in Fort Mill, SC - 2020
  bullet snow shed - Glacier National Park in BC
  bullet snow tubing indoors at Pigeon Forge Snow in Pigeon Forge, TN - 2020-fun
  bullet snow tubing outdoors at Jonas Ridge in North Carolina 2021 with family
  bullet snow tractors at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska
  bullet snowball throwing sign at Mt. Baldy in California
  bullet Snowcoach adventure to the Athabasca Glacier in Canada
  bullet Snowflex - tubing down a mountain in Virginia
  bullet Soco Falls in Cherokee NC - 2020
  bullet Soda Springs Geyser in Soda Springs, Idaho
  bullet Soldotna, Alaska on the western Kenai Peninsula
  bullet Solomon Gulch and Fish Hatchery in Valdez, Alaska
  bullet Solomon's Castle & the boat in the moat in Ona, Florida
  bullet song for RVers music CD/the two RV Gypsies' RV is on the cover
  bullet Soo Locks on the St. Mary's River in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  bullet South Bass Island - Kelleys Island - Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  bullet South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC
  bullet South Carolina - Greenville
  bullet South Mountains State Park & High Shoals Falls in North Carolina
  bullet South Of The Border
  bullet Southern Bell River Cruiser on the Gulf of Mexico
  bullet southernmost place in the USA - Key West
  bullet Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama 2014 & flashback to 1978
  bullet Space and Rocket Center - Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida
  bullet Space Mural in New Mexico, USA
  bullet Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
  bullet Space Shuttle Challenger's crew and its last flight in 1986
  bullet Space Shuttle Challenger astronaut - Ronald McNair's Memorial-Lake City, SC
  bullet Spam Museum and fun facts (or at least Lee thinks so)
  bullet spider attacks Lee at Delta Junction, Alaska
  bullet Sphinx Rock & The Split Rock 2019 (with a link to the rocks in 2010)
  bullet spiral staircase in Memphis, Tennessee
  bullet Spiral Staircase, Santa Fe, NM - a famous, mysterious staircase
  bullet Spirit of Washington buffet dinner cruise in Washington D.C.
  bullet Spirits of Iron Sculpture Park in Elbe, Washington
  bullet Split Rock Trail -Lake Nipigon Basin, Ontario, Canada/hard w/ropes
  bullet Sponge Bob at Fisherman's Wharf in California
  bullet Sponge Bob and Lee Duquette in Florida, 2017
  bullet springs- Iargo Springs-Nat'l Scenic Byway-MI - amazing scenery
  bullet Sponge Bob at the Mall of America in Minnesota
  bullet Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida (a video, photos, more)
  bullet Squamish, British Columbia, Canada -gondolas, bridges & waterfalls
  bullet squirrel climbing up Lee's leg -Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales FL
  bullet squirrels-ducks-white Pelicans-listed under Wildlife button in TOC
  bulletSquirrel Hill Tunnel-eastern gateway to Pittsburgh PA via I-376 - 4,225 feet long
  bullet SS Klondike in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
  bullet St. Augustine, FL and the Castillo De San Marcos Nat'l Monument
  bullet St Augustine Lighthouse, & a Sculpture Garden & Fort Matanzas - 2014
  bullet St. John-New Brunswick-Monument workers killed/injured on job
  bullet St. Louis, Missouri and the Gateway Arch - October 3, 2009
  bullet St. Maarten (St. Martin) - Kingdom of the Netherlands
  bullet St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2010 - Karen is green - face & all - and she wins
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2011 - greener than the previous year - a win
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2012 - lots of green items that BLINK - and she wins
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2013 - an Irish Angel - - and of course she wins
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2014 - Karen was a pot of gold with a large rainbow hat.
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2015 - green costume with a very tall, heavy hat - winner
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2016 - Leprechaun Express Shamrock & baby
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2017 - Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel - winner
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2018 - the Leprechaun wins at Flanigan's
  bullet St. Patrick's Day 2019 - a winner in South Carolina
  St. Patrick's Day 2020 & 2021 celebrations canceled due to nationwide virus
  bullet St. Simons Island in Georgia & St. Simons Lighthouse - the Sea Islands
  bullet St. Simons Island Tree Spirit Scavenger Hunt in 2021
  bullet St. Thomas, United States Virgin Island
  bullet stained glass windows at Solomon's Castle in Ona, Florida
  bullet Stamford - Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens (2021)
  bullet Stamford - Kosciuszko Park in Stamford, CT (2021)
  bullet staircase, gold & mirrored at the Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada
  bullet Stairway (Miraculous) in New Mexico - Loretto Chapel -
  bullet Stan Stephens Glacier Cruise in Valdez - 2009
  bullet Stan Stephens Glacier Cruise in Valdez - 2016
  bullet State divider line of Georgia and Tennessee in 2021 - stand in both states at the same time
  bullet Star Wars car in Pickens SC (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
  bullet Stars Cars Museum in TN - Batmobiles and cars from movies
  bullet Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, Rockefeller Plaza, more in NY
  bullet star - big star - Texas Travel Information Center& Blue Elbow Swamp
  bullet Stars Car Museum in TN (cars famous from movies)
  bullet Starved Rock State Park in LaSalle County, Illinois - 2016
  bullet Statue of Liberty (small) in Mount Dora, Florida

bullet Statue of Liberty (small) in GA, plus a statue of a Tiger, and a cow

  bullet Statue of Liberty (miniature) in Duluth, Minnesota
  bullet Statue of Liberty in Gibson Park, Great Falls, Montana
  bullet Uncle Sam Statue (The World's Tallest) in Danbury CT
  bullet statue - Abraham Lincoln statue in Louisville, KY
  bullet statue - Alexander Henry (fur trader) in Michigan
  bullet statue - Alpine Man (Alpenhorn Man) in Smithers BC
  bullet statue - Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster, South Carolina
  bullet statue - angel "Tribute To Freedom" in Pomona, California campground
  bullet statue - bear statue signifies that bears fish in the creek in Smithers BC
  bullet statues - Ballpark Village and statues of the players
  bullet statues - bear in the back of a pickup truck in Gatlinburg, TN - 2020
  bullet statue - Betty Boop inside a pizza restaurant in Delaware
  bullet statue - Blackfoot Nation Scrap Metal Warriors in MT
  bullet statue - Blue Water Maiden in Port Huron, Michigan
  bullet statue - Bob Hope and The Military at Tuna Harbor in San Diego
  bullet statue - Buffalo Robe statue in Sioux Falls, SD
  bullet statue - buffalo statue painted with horses & the Rainboffalo in MT
  bullet statues - businessmen greeting each other in Calgary, Alberta
  bullet statues - Captain Morgan statue in Branson, Missouri - 2016
  bullet statues - Captain Morgan statue in St. Thomas U.S.V.I
  bullet statue - Coal Miner statue at Quecreek Mine Rescue Site in Somerset, Pennsylvania
  bullet statues - children on stilts in Jacksonville, FL
  bullet statues - children playing in St. Clair, Michigan
  bullet statues - Christ of the Abyss at John Pennekamp State Park in FL
  bullet statue - Coal Miners' Statue/Memorial in Minersville, Pennsylvania
  bullet statue - cowboy and his horse statue & another cowboy in WY
  bullet statue - Crazy Horse Memorial in SD, many statues, & art works
  bullet statue - Dala (Dawla) horse statue 30-ft tall in Minot, ND & in Sweden
  bullet statue - David: 30-ft tall replica of the Statue of David - in Louisville KY
  bullet statue - David by Michelangelo in Fawick Park, Sioux Falls, SD
  bullet statue - Davy Crockett statue in the town square in Ozona, Texas
  bullet statue - dinosaur statue outside a children's Museum in MT
  bullet statue - Edouard Beaupré the giant /Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan
  bullet statue -Elizabeth Montgomery, star of the TV Show, Bewitched.
  bullet statue - Elvis Presley statue of him at the age of 13
  bullet statue - Elvis Presley & B.B. King - & Elvis at Elvis Presley Plaza
  bullet statue - Elvis Presley's hand shaking statue in Tupelo
  bullet statue - Ellsworth, Maine statues
  bullet statue - Eskimo statue in Fairbanks, Alaska
  bullet statue - Fisherman in Smithers, British Columbia
  bullet statue  - George Washington statue on the grounds of the NC Capitol building
  bullet statue -Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial Cenotaph-Man at the Wheel
  bullet statue - Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Memorial in Gloucester, Mass
  bullet statue - Hans Christian Anderson in Minot, North Dakota
  bullet statue - horses - Fighting Stallions in Brookside Gardens SC
  bullet statue - horses - Fighting Stallions at Crazy Horse Memorial in SD
  bullet statue - horse and rider statues - neatly painted in Louisville, KY
  bullet statue - horse representing prospecting/mining in Smithers BC
  bullet statue - ikemba - The Giant Protector in St. Maarten
  bullet statue - Ironworker statue / Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse in MI
  bullet statue - Jay Cooke - Pioneer, Patriot (located in Duluth, Minnesota)
  bullet statue - Jesus
  bullet statue - Joan of Arc riding a horse in Philadelphia
  bullet statue - John Montgomery for whom Montgomery City TN is named
  bullet statue-John Stevens/Marias Pass/lowest crossing/Continental Divide
  bullet statue - Lady of the Sea in Port Anacortes, Washington state
  bullet statue - Leif Erikson in Duluth, Minnesota
  bullet statue - Leif Erikson in Minot, North Dakota
  bullet statue - Lewis and Clark Commemorative statue in Indiana
  bullet statue - Lewis and Clark in Great Falls, Montana
  bullet statue - Lewis & Clark expedition - The Captain's Return
  bullet statue - Lucy the Margate Elephant
  bullet statue - Man at the Wheel-Gloucester Fisherman's Mem. Cenotaph
  bullet statue - Marilyn Monroe statue in Savannah, Georgia
  bullet statue - Mark Twain statue in Riverview Park, Hannibal, Missouri
  bullet statue - Marquis de Mores statue and history in Medora, ND
  bullet statue - NFL legend Bronko Nagurski
  bullet statue -Nikola Tesla - contributor to the birth of commercial electricity
  bullet statue - P.T. Barnum statue in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  bullet statue - Paul Bunyan statue in Oscoda, Michigan - 13 feet tall
  bulletstatue - Paul Bunyan (& Babe) statues in Bimidji, MN - 18 feet tall
  bulletstatue - Paul Bunyan (& Babe) statues in Klamath, CA-49 feet 2 in tall
  bullet statue - Pearl of the Conchos and mermaid, Riverwalk-San Angelo TX
  bullet statue - Pinocchio statue and other statues in St. Louis Missouri
  bullet statue - Pioneer Surveyor statue-scrap iron sculpture pointing to AK
  bullet statue - President statues: Presidents of the United States of America
  bullet statue - Presidents (3 Presidents of the U.S, who are from NC) - in Raleigh, N.C.
  bullet statue - Rainboffalo (a colorful buffalo fish) in Great Falls, Montana

bullet statue - Rocky Balboa, the Signer, John Wanawaker & more in PA

  bullet statue -Roger Conant, the first settler of Salem, Massachusetts
  bullet statue - Running Statue in Atlantic City, NJ
  bullet statue - Sacagawea-Symbol of Peace at Columbia River Gorge in OR
  bullet statue - Sacagawea Scenic Overlook/statues in Great Falls, Montana
  bullet statue - Sacred Tears commemoration of Native Indians
  bullet statues - sculpture walk event in downtown Sioux Falls, SD 2012
  bullet statue - statues in San Antonio, Texas
  bullet statue - Spirit of Detroit
  bullet statue - statues (and carvings) in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
  bullet statue -"The Tie That Binds"- tribute to Pioneer families in Ozona TX
  bullet statue - Terry Fox statue & memorial in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

bullet statue - Theodore Roosevelt-Lt Colonel-Volunteer Cavalry US Army

  bullet statue - Thomas Edison in Port Huron, Michigan
  bullet statue - Uncle Sam Statue (The World's Tallest) in Danbury CT
  bullet statue - "Unconditional Surrender" statues (in California and Florida)
  bullet statue - Vulcan Statue in Birmingham, Alabama - 101,200 pounds, 56 feet tall
  bullet statue -  Waving Girl in Savannah, Georgia
  bullet statue - Weston Town Center, Weston, FL
  bullet statue - Wilma Glodean Rudolph-fastest woman runner in world 60s
  bullet statue - Woman Holding Railroad Tie in Smithers, BC, Canada
  bullet statue - Yukon's Past: gold panning, lumberjacks, First Nations people
  bullet statues - bag lady, giant dancers and more in Key West, FL
  bullet statues - multiple statues at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina
  bullet Stearns Wharf is a pier in the harbor at Santa Barbara, California
  bullet sternwheeler ship - The Columbia Gorge

bullet sternwheeler ship - SS Klondike, Whitehorse, Yukon (Nat'l site)

  bullet sternwheeler paddlewheel boat-Clear Lake, IA (Lady of the Lake)
  bullet steps (stairs) moving cable staircase w/spaces between the steps - Canada
  bullet steps (stairs) Starved Rock State Park in Illinois - 1,304 stairs in a loop - 2016
  bullet steps (stairs) Mathiessen State Park in Illinois - about 1,000 stairs in a loop - 2016
  bullet steps (stairs) Waterfalls/gorge walk 832 stairs (1-way) in NY -
  bullet steps (stairs) Chimney Rock, NC- 710 plus
  bullet steps (stairs) Karen & Lee climb 596 stairs r.t.- Iargo Springs- MI -
  bullet steps (stairs) Karen/Lee climb-544 stairs r.t.-Cooke Dam Pond MI-
  bullet steps (stairs) 356 stairs r.t. Rainbow Falls, Ontario 6/24/13
  bullet steps (stairs) at least 400 stairs at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania
  bullet steps (stairs) 198 stairs r.t.-Tahquamenon Falls MI 6/22/13
  bullet steps (stairs) 172 stairs at Kootenai Falls in Montana - July 10, 2013
  bullet steps (stairs) 100-ft tall Aiton Heights Fire Tower, MN - Karen climbed
  bullet Stew Leonard's Grocery Store
  bullet Stewart, British Columbia, Canada
  bullet stickball figures & 7 sisters at Ross Landing in Chattanooga, TN
  bullet stone bridge - Natural Stone Bridge & Caves in Pottersville, NY
  bullet stone environments: Opus 40, High Woods, Saugerties, NY - amazing
  bullet Stone Mountain Georgia 2011- PLUS THE SKY HIKE, Duck ride, deer, train
  bullet Stone Mountain National Park in NC
  bullet storage containers that appear to be partially built into the hills
  bullet Stoystown - American Legion -Tank - Helicopter and more - 2021
  bullet Stratford, CT & Long Island Sound & a lighthouse
  bullet Strawberry Festival in Marysville, Washington state
  bullet Strawberry Hill-exploding froth in the Pacific Ocean - Florence OR
  bullet Stumpy Pond camera club day trip
  bullet Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel in Walhalla, SC - 2020
  bullet Sturgis cowboy - Giant Muffler Man Cowboy statue in Sturgis, SD
  bullet Sugar Creek in Turkey Run State Park in Indiana
  bullet Summit Lake/fireweed/Rainbow Ridge/Rainbow Mountain, pump station
  bullet Sunwapta Falls in Jasper, Canada
  bullet Superior Dome world's largest wooden dome located in Michigan
  bullet Sun Studio - Sun Records in Memphis, TN
  bullet Sundial Bridge - the largest sundial & most unique bridge in the world
  bullet sundial at William Noordemeer Formal Gardens in Rapid City, SD
  bullet sundial at Wilson Rose Garden in NC
  bullet sunfish capital of the world - Onalaska, Wisconsin
  bullet sunflowers, red and yellow (really big) in a very big field at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh NC
  bullet sunflower field in Waxhaw, NC
  bullet sunflowers at Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park in Raleigh, NC - a place full of art and oddities
  bullet Sunken Garden Park in San Angelo, Texas
  bullet sunrise at Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho
  bullet sunrise at Hopewell Rocks
  bullet sunset in Arkansas at Memphis KOA
  bullet sunset and flowers on Big Bear Mountain in southern California
  bullet sunset in the city of Denali, Alaska
  bullet sunset at Devils Tower KOA in Wyoming
  bullet Sunset in Erie PA at the Bayfront Landing Bicentennial Tower
  bullet sunset on Jekyll Island in Georgia
  bullet sunset on Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia
  bullet sunset while boating on Lake Superior in Michigan
  bullet sunset on Lake Superior in Ontonagon, Michigan
  bullet sunset at the city pier in Port Angeles, Washington
  bullet sunsets while on the - Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) Halloween cruise
  bullet sunset on St. Simons Island, Georgia in 2021
  bullet Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
  bullet Sunshine Skyway Bridge / Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge in 2014
  bullet Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa - 2009
  bullet Sunsphere in Knoxville TN
  bullet Superman - Metropolis, Illinois - & the Ohio River - October 4, 2009
  bullet Surprise Glacier - the largest glacier on Prince William Sound
  divider bar 19 suspension bridges so far (not counting small ones on zip lines)
  bullet suspension bridge - Anakeesta in Gatlinburg - several small swinging bridges
  bullet suspension bridge - Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Canon Colorado - America's highest suspension bridge - 1,270 feet long, 18 feet wide, main span 880 feet, tower 150 feet high)
  bullet suspension bridge - Capilano Suspension Bridge-Vancouver-BC in 2009 - 450 ft long-230 ft high
  bullet suspension bridge - Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver - 2004
  bullet suspension bridge -Canada's Longest Pedestrian Bridge, Souris, Manitoba - 604 feet long / 184 meters
  bullet suspension bridge - Crazy Creek, BC (& a waterfall in BC) - 240 feet long- requires a fee
  bullet suspension bridge - Gatlinburg Skybridge, TN - 680 feet across
  bullet suspension bridge -Grandfather Mountain NC - 228 feet long, one mile high over an 80-foot chasm
  bullet suspension bridge - Hells Gate, Fraser Canyon, BC, Canada
  bullet suspension bridge - Kantishna, Denali National Park
  bullet suspension bridge - Kootenai Falls in Montana
  bullet suspension bridge-Miles Canyon-Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge
  bullet suspension bridge - Myakka River State Park, FL, tower, canopy walk
  bullet suspension bridges-Lynches River County Park in Coward SC
  bullet suspension bridge in New Brunswick, Canada
  bullet suspension bridge at Trailhead Park over Deer Creek in Indiana
  bullet suspension bridge in Minnesota
  bullet suspension bridge in Thermopolis WY - Hot Springs State Park
  bullet suspension bridge -The Toccoa River Swinging Bridge in Blue Ridge, GA (2021) plus a nice hike
  bullet suspension bridge - Sky Pilot at Sea to Sky Gondola, BC 360 fee long
  bullet suspension bridge - Yukon Suspension Bridge
  divider bar
  bullet Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge in Chiefland, Florida 2/8/13
  bullet Suwannee River at White Sulphur Springs in White Springs, FL
  bullet Suwannee River Music Park, Live Oak, Florida

bullet swamp - Blue Elbow Swamp at the Texas Information Center

  bullet swamp buggy tour, alligators/feral hogs/raccoons/birds in Slidell LA
  bullet swamp buggy ride at Billie Swamp Safari: alligators, airboat ride
  bullet Swamp Island Drive and tower in Georgia
  bullet Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC - 3 pages
  bullet Swan Lake Iris Gardens-Sumter SC 2020-same place as above- different photos

bullet swans, a black swan and a white swan

  bullet swimming in Lake Superior in the Porcupine Mountains
  bullet swimming hole and small waterfall at Table Rock State Park in Pickens,, SC
  bullet Swissair Flight 111 Memorial
  bullet Switzerland of America - the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado
  bullet Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area in Elizabethton, Tennessee
  bullet Sycamore trees in Jackson Springs, North Carolina
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