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The two RV Gypsies
travelled to the Black Hills of South Dakota
and parked their RV at Mount Rushmore KOA
August 18, 2013

USA map showing location of South DakotaWelcome to South Dakota sign

Driving past Presidents Park in Lead, South Dakota, Karen quickly took the below photo from the window of their moving RV.

Abraham Lincoln Bust at Presidents Park

Below: Two photos taken during travel

cowboy on a hrose sign for Red Ass Wine

Below: The two RV Gypsies drove past lots of signs warning about wildlife, but the two RV Gypsies did not see any wildlife on this drive.

wildlife sign
wildlife sign

Below: The two RV Gypsies' comments on the Mt. Rushmore KOA campground: This could be a nice campground for families and children. It had a lot to offer. But everyone paid an extra $10 for amenities offered here. The two RV Gypsies feel that this is not fair because the two RV Gypsies do not use those amenities (climbing wall, pillow jump, mini golf, 3 playgrounds, sand volleyball, basketball court, giant chess/checkers set, 2 swimming pools, splash pad, water slide - etc. yet they had to pay the $10). Campers who wish to use these wonderful extras, should pay the $10 and get a bracelet to ID them. But people like the two RV Gypsies who only park at the campground, then drive their toad off the campground to nearby tourist or fun places, should not have to pay that extra fee. It is an expensive campground, and the two RV Gypsies will not list this as their favorite place, although they realize that many people may love it here. Read more...

Mt. Rushmore KOA sign
Mt. Rushmore KOA sign

The two RV Gypsies were assigned to a very muddy site (it was one of only two muddy sites in the whole darn park). The site was not long enough for both the RV and the toad of the two RV Gypsies, so they had to unhook and park the truck sideways behind the RV.

mud under the RV of the two RV Gypsies RV
the RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies

The picnic table on the two RV Gypsies' RV site was right beside the dumpster. Most people did not close the lid on the dumpster after putting their trash/garbage in there. There is no way in H--- that the two RV Gypsies would ever sit outside and eat at that picnic table near a smelly dumpster. It was bad enough that they had to look at the dumpster while eating at their dining table INSIDE the RV.

picnic table and dumpster

The two RV Gypsies ate at the Ponderosa Restaurant that is on a hill within the KOA property. Lunch was standard food and good, but nothing to brag about. Looking down the hillside from Ponderosa Restaurant, stores and a stable for horses could be seen.

Ponderosa restaurant.
stores and a stable for horses

A carving


Cable TV was ONLY on deluxe sites (additional cost) and the paperwork KOA gave out said that without cable, 8 TV stations come in at regular sites. But the two RV Gypsies got only 3 TV stations. The campground Wi-Fi did come in just fine.

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