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bulletATV adventure Palmer Alaska trip #1: mud, deep waters, bushes slapping us in the face.
Note: Karen rode double with Lee driving, so she could film the 3-hour (each-way) adventure (edited length 16:41)
bulletBear fishing in Hyder, Alaska (length 4:51)
bulletDogcart ride in Chena, Alaska August 4, 2009 (length 1:11)
bulletEagles in Homer, Alaska - (length 0:35)
bulletFrost-heaves in the roads in Alaska (big dips for 112 miles) - (Length 1:00)
bulletGold panning in Denali, Alaska (length 0.41)
HotbulletLee in a comedy play in Fairbanks, Alaska - very funny, July 3, 2009 (length 0:15)
bulletMatanuska Glacier - the largest glacier accessible by car in Alaska
bulletmoose by the side of the road in Soldotna (length 0:16)
bulletMt. McKinley (Denali mountain) which only a few people get to see & a fox (length 2:03)
bulletPorpoise's jumping and splashing in Seward, Alaska (length 1:33)
bulletSalmon jumping up and over a dam (Length 2:47)
bulletThompson Pass (length 3:17)
bulletValdez Pass, Worthington & Valdez Glaciers, waterfalls, and more (length 6:46)
bulletWolf Country, USA in Alaska - July 27, 2009


bulletAlligator behind the two RV Gypsies' RV, Markham Park, FL 04-10-08 (length 1:09)
bulletBlue Hill Falls, Blue Hill Maine - and idiots jumping off a bridge into rapids (Length 3:21)
bullet Buffalo rolling over and over in the dirt and making a lot of dust
bulletBushkill Falls in Pennsylvania (length 2:21)
bulletCanoeing with alligators at Thousand Trails RV Park, Clermont, FL - 2008 (Length 3:25)
bullet Catwalk- The two RV Gypsies walked across the New River Gorge on the under structure of the World Famous New River Gorge Arch Bridge - across the canyon on a 24-inch-wide catwalk, 851 feet above the river - in West Virginia
bullet Dolphins jumping the wake of The Dolphin Racer Speedboat in St. Petersburg, Florida (length 4:50)
bullet Ducky Lee - June 24, 2011 at Stone Mountain, Georgia (length 0:26) just the funny part of the one below
bulletDuck Ride from land into the water at Stone Mountain, Georgia (Length 2:05)
bullet Dune Buggy ride in Florence, Oregon -going sideways on the sand dune and stopping on the crest of a big dune. (length 4:42)
bullet Erie Canal Locks and a boat ride in Lockport NY - (movie & photos)
bulletFort Knox and its tunnels in Prospect, Maine - (Length 1:37)
bulletHail Storm - Mount Vernon, Illinois May 20, 2012 - (length 1:50)
bullet Hershey Amusement Park overview - (length 1:45)
bulletHershey Pennsylvania: Karen develops her musical and magical talents (Length 1:37)
bullet humming boulder and a leaky canoe
bullet Kaleidoscope (world's largest) (length 04.59)
bulletMontana's best kept secret - OK-A-BEH and a private boat ride in a miniature grand canyon (length 2:20)
bulletNiagara Falls - Ontario Canada - movie and photos
bulletOoopsy the Clown and the great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies
bullet Rolling down steep sand dunes at Monahans Sandhills State Park in Texas (this is funny) Length: 30 seconds
bulletSandboarding at Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho (a funny attempt) length 4 minutes
Note: The movie has sound, but not at the very beginning. Photos and info about the dunes are under TOC-State Parks.
bulletSky Hike at Stone Mountain, Georgia - Karen did half of level 1, Alex completed level 1 and 3, Lee did none (Length 3:30)
bulletSnowflex: Liberty Mtn in VA - Land tubing: Lee slams into Karen's leg - August 8. 2014
bulletSpook Hill in Florida - car rolls UP the hill while in neutral - (length 1:32)
bulletSpouting Horn in Florence, Oregon - a blow-hole - May 12, 2009 (length 2:00)
bulletStrawberry Hill - clashing foam in Florence Oregon, May 12, 2009 (length 2:20)
bullet Terryville house Lee designed and built, the first home of Karen and Lee, plus some of Terryville Mountain & Bristol
bullet Thunder Hole at Acadia's National Park in Maine
bullet Top Thrill Dragster - 2nd tallest and 3rd fastest roller coaster in the world
bullet Tubing down the Portneuf River, a tributary of the Snake River, in the town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
bulletTubing down Snowflex mountain - fun with a not-so-fun ending
bullet Tunnel disaster - The Nada tunnel; 2-way traffic tunnel & only 1-lane and a head-on stand-off
bulletTunnels in Pennsylvania
bullet water bucket drop at Jekyll Island Water Park - May 21, 2010 - (Length 0:50)
bullet Whale Watching cruise in Gloucester, Mass - lots of whales -video/photos - GREAT
bullet Whale fin slapping & breaching - another great movie - be sure to have the sound on
bulletWhimzeyland - the Bowling Bowl House - Length10:05
bullet Whirlpool Jetboat at Niagara Falls - class 4 rapids and a complete soaking
bulletWhite Sands, New Mexico - tall dunes of pure white sand, but no ocean - (Length 3:30)
bulletwhitewater rafting in the rain, thunder, and hail in Montana July 8, 2013 - (Length 2:35)
bulletWicked Twister, tallest and fastest double-twisting IMPULSE coaster in the world
bulletZipline - Hawksnest Zipline, Town of Seven Devils, NC - May 5, 2010 (length 1:14)
bullet Zipline in Kentucky October 10, 2011 (length 1:50)


bulletDudes jumping into Horseshoe Lake from high up cliffs, Alberta, Canada August 26, 2009
bullet Joe's Scarecrow Village in Nova Scotia - coming soon
bullet Niagara Falls as seen from the Skylon Tower in Ontario, Canada
bulletcoolUnique house in Radium with lots of surprises - as seen on the Travel Channel

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