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NEWThe two RV Gypsies were informed about the link below: "Unforgettable Road Trips in America" by parents who are taking their children on a cross country trip, and they happened upon this website. Their daughter, Nicole Jacobs, thought it would be a lot of help to other RVers to add a link to that site, so here it is: Unforgettable Road Trips in America

"With its varied landscapes and geographic landforms, America offers many different vacation options for people who wish to explore the country. Each state has its own list of scenic landmarks that attract visitors. Taking a road trip is one way to get an up-close glimpse of unique towns and cities. This type of travel can also afford tourists the opportunity to see majestic sights such as mountains, canyons, rivers, and natural desert formations."

Here are some links to a website that offers lots of resources to people interested in learning more about RVs and the RV lifestyle, plus renting RVs:

bullet A comprehensive guide to RC Parks and campgrounds, including park type and visitor etiquette

bullet A through collection of games, puzzles, and other free activities for kids on long RV trips.

bullet A detailed introduction to the various types of RVs, their features, driving advice and more: - They researched over 20,000 local communities across the U.S. to find and curate the most fun and interesting things to do in your area.

The two RV Gypsies go to Roadside America to find lists of oddities / big things throughout the USA. The oddities that the two RV Gypsies have seen can be found by choosing the TOC button above then choosing the Oddities button. Here is a link to Roadside America.

Portage Valley RV Park is linked here simply because the two RV Gypsies enjoyed staying there a couple of times. The people in the office were friendly. To book a site at their campground, do NOT try to book it through this web site. Check out their web site at - and book it through there. ENJOY!

Steve and Ann Ray are full-time RVers and would like to provide helpful information to other RVers. Follow their adventures in Canada and Alaska here.
John and Susan's blog:
Tina and John Cusick's blog
IMPORTANTIf you drive an RV or a big truck, you need this web page - a link to tunnels in the USA -

IMPORTANTIf you drive an RV or a big truck, you need to know your total height.
The Taconic State Parkway in New York has a 12' 6" clearance bridge. Be careful RVers.

And here is a very special link - Ooopsy The Clown


And here is a video of the great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies laughing at Ooopsy's show

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