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The Two RV Gypsies in Louisiana
April 4-6, 2009

USA map showing location of Louisiana
Another short stop on the way to Alaska -- April 4 - 6, 2009 - Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, Louisiana. This was a lovely park and the two RV Gypsies paid an extra $5.00 per night to have a site by the pond; well worth the small cost. There were lots of people fishing by the side of the pond. There was free Wi-Fi in the park. The pool was closed during this time. The park did not have a clubhouse. The two RV Gypsies definitely recommend this park for its beauty, pond, and fishing. The park had 139 total concrete RV sites, accommodates RV's up to 45 feet long, one comfort station, 30/50 amp, laundry facility, a playground, a 17-acre fishing lake, a small grocery store, and a swimming pool (which was closed while the two RV Gypsies were there). Lakeside RV Park is located 20 miles from Baton Rouge and 70 miles from New Orleans.
sign- welcome to Louisiana
sign - Lakeside RV Park
MOB, AWO and Lee

MOB, AWO & Lee

The photo shown below was taken from inside the motorhome of the two RV Gypsies (through the dining room windows)
view of pond from window

The reflection in the side of the RV almost made it look like we could see right through the RV.

reflection on the RV
the pond
The two RV Gypsies walked around the lake to the other side of the lake and photographed their motorhome (known as AWO) which means All We Own
Lee Duquette
This black swan is called Midnight; the white swan is Snowflake and they live on the lake at this park.
This black swan is called "Midnight
This swan is named "Snowflake"
April 5, 2009 - the two RV Gypsies went to an International Festival in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana and explored in and around the Baton Rouge River Center.
big tree
big tree
While the two RV Gypsies enjoyed a lunch of Jambalaya at the Riverside Rest Awhile Park (see monument below), they also enjoyed a view of a very majestic tree.
Riverside Rest Awhile Park
Lee Duquette at Riverside Rest Awhile Park
river stream
city center
The two RV Gypsies enjoyed watching the dancing water fountain with children running in and out of the dancing waters.
dancing water fountain
dancing water fountain
history clipart bookLouisiana's Old State Capitol Building, a Gothic architectural treasure, stands high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The 150-year-old statehouse has withstood war, fire, scandal, bitter debate, abandonment and an occasional fist fight. Today, the building stands as a testament to bold, inspired leadership and active citizenship.

In 1990, the Louisiana Legislature placed the former statehouse under the jurisdiction of the secretary of state and appropriated funds for a major restoration project. The building re-opened as the Center for Political and Governmental History in 1994. Now referred to as the Museum of Political History, the Old State Capitol has received awards for its architecture.

Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building
Louisiana'ls Old State Capitol Building
Louisiana's Old State Capitol building
The first thing the two RV Gypsies saw upon entering Louisiana's old State Capitol Museum of Political History was a magnificent staircase.
inside Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building
staircase inside Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building
Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building
Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building
Looking up from the bottom of the magnificent staircase.
Looking up from the bottom of the magnificent staircase.
the ceiling
sing - you influence laws
sign - we the people means you
View from inside the Old State Capitol
Some of the International flags
View from inside the Old State Capitol bldg
International flags
Karen Duquette at the Native American Exhibit
Karen at the Native American Exhibit
Below: The inside of the tent and a view looking up inside the tent.
inside the tent
looking up inside the tent
sculpture inscription
Inside the World Village were cultural exhibits from China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Liberia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Scotland, and Turkey. Many of these countries also had dancers perform in the International Dance Stage.
International flags
Lee and a dancer
Below: Lee played a game, an unusual game with an ancient past. Whether it is called Frog Game, Sapo Game, Juego de Sapo. or El Sapu The Frog, it still comes from the mystical, ancient history of the Incas and their sacred Lake Titicaca. There is a legend that the game evolved from members of the royal Inca family and their court, throwing gold pieces into the lake. Frogs were known for their magical powers, and the players hoped to attract ones attention. These Incas believed that if a frog came to the surface and took a gold piece in its mouth, the player would be instantly awarded a wish and the frog would turn into solid gold. El Sapu was the main character in the exciting game of suspense and dexterity, and in honor of so many wishes coming true, a great golden frog was made for all of royalty to enjoy.
Lee plays a game
the game board
Thailand - the home country of Karen's friend Tippi Lewis
Lee Duquette and Thailand dancers
Karen Duquette and Thailand dancers
bread from Italy
bread from Italy
Baton Rouge River Center and the USS KIDD
Baton Rouge River Center and the USS KIDD
Baton Rouge River Center and the USS KIDD
The Fletcher-class destroyer USS KIDD (DD-661), the Pirate of the Pacific (thus the pirate flag). Located in the heart of scenic downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is the centerpiece of a memorial which serves to honor the men and women of our American armed forces.
destroyer USS KIDD
pirate flags
photos at the Baton Rouge River Center and the Mississippi River
the Mississippi River
the Mississippi River
Lee Duquette
Karen Duquette at the bridge

Lee tried to hitch a ride and then decided he needed a flag to be seen ????

Lee tries to hitch a ride
crazy man
Karen Duquette on RR tracks
The two RV Gypsies drove over the bridge shown in the photos below.
bridge rails
view of the Mississippi river
taken from the bridge
Henderson Swamp
Mississippi river
Henderson Swamp
Notes of interest:
1. happy smile faceKaren noticed lots of people in purple and yellow because it is the LSU (Louisiana State University) colors. By coincidence, Karen happened to have purple and yellow on too.
2. crying smile faceOn the way back to the campground, MOB broke down. The two RV Gypsies had to wait an hour for AAA to tow their car.
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White Park, Anahauc, Texas --- Turtle Bayou - AND - Karen met Elvin Hayes who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame and she gave Elvin a tour or her RV, as per his request.