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Just before taking their first RV long-term road trip, Karen and Lee Duquette took their grandchildren to Billie Swamp Safari in Clewiston, Florida because they planned to be on the road until Thanksgiving Time. That is when their daughter said they must be back in Florida for a few winter months.

Billie Swamp Safari
30000 Gator Tail Trail
Clewiston, FL

March 1, 2008

USA map showing location of Florida

First, everyone wanted a bite to eat at the restaurant.

Kristen, Alex and Lee in the restaurant Kristen Davis

Yummy Desert Time

Alex Jones

Then everyone took a narrated tram tour of the grounds

tram tour of the grounds tram tour of the grounds
calf hog
cows and a pig horses
tiki hut
tiki hut boat
grounds Tour guide
ostrich ostrich
ostrich ostrich
ostrich ostrich
alligtor alligtor

Then it was time for the show.

show time

Kristen and Alex each held a baby alligator.

Kristen holding a baby alligator Alex holding a baby alligator
On April 25, 2008, Karen and Lee Duquette began their lives as "The two RV Gypsies" and left Markham Park after the extremely difficult task of saying "see you later' to their beloved children and grandchildren in order to travel full-time in their motorhome. However, Broward County Florida will be the winter destination for a few months each year so they can visit their family. Travel logs, history, and tons of pictures will be posted of their RV adventures under the "USA" - "Canada" - "Alaska" and "Photos"  and "TOC" buttons above, so check back often. Thank you for visiting, and please keep returning.
historical trees, a wild gopher tortoise (a species in decline), an alligator at Lake Louisa, beautiful Cypress Trees, butterflies and solitude, wild birds, deer moss in the swamp, and more!