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The Snake Wall
August 10, 2010
The Snake Wall is located at the southbound rest area along I-75 at the north edge of Paynes Prairie, one of Central Florida's most important and sensitive ecosystems. The FDOT designed the wall to provide access to the Paynes Prairie Overlook and to serve as a barrier between rest stop visitors and the animals inhabiting Paynes Prairie, especially the snakes. It is shaped like a serpent with its forked tongue extended. The tongue is a functional part of the barrier. It runs from the head of the Snake Wall toward the roadway to help keep the reptiles away from the interstate roadway as well as the rest area. As a result, the I-75 Snake Wall is a unique piece of functional art and a successful effort at combining ecosystem and roadway management." This rest area boasts this whimsical scenic overlook in the shape of a snake.
The man behind the all
The wall is 325 feet long from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail and is 13 feet tall at it's highest point. Notice the multicolored bricks on the patio, the 'bunny bulge' at the midway viewpoint, and the diagonally-shaped head, complete with eyes (lights) and a forked tongue, all to resemble a Florida Queen Snake.
pathway to the Snake Wall
The Snake wall
the walkway of the Snake Wall
the Snake Wall
The Snake Wall
Karen Duquette on the Snake Wall
Karen Duquette on the Snake Wall
The Snake Wall
View from the Snake Wall
view from the Snake Wall
View of I-75 from the Snake Wall

The view from the top of the Snake Wall - the forked tongue of the snake

forked tongue
forekd tongue
Lee Duquette on the Snake Wall
look below

The two RV Gypsies returned to Florida for the birth of their great-grandson Anthony Brian. More photos as Anthony Brian grows can be reached by choosing the "PHOTOS" button above. Anthony will probably be among the people posted on the #1 site of each year's travel in the USA.

Love clipart
The two RV Gypsies and their great-grandson
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