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The two RV Gypsies in Fairbanks, Alaska - July 9-15, 2009
Fairbanks, Alaska is 358 miles north of Anchorage (by way of the Parks Highway), and 188 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Its central location makes it the focal point for the tiny villages scattered throughout the surrounding wilderness. Fairbanks is called "The Golden Heart of Alaska," a reference to the character of her people as much as to the location in Alaska's interior, or to the discovery of gold in 1902.

Alaska is known for its harsh winter climate, but Fairbanks natives enjoy their wonderful summers to the fullest while they can. The Interior has temperatures ranging from 65 degrees below zero in the winter to 90 degrees above in the summer. The shortest winter day of the year has less than three hours of sunlight, the longest (around June 21) never really ends, though officially it has over 21 hours.

sign - Fairbanks welcomes you
Fairbanks police dept sign
sign - 84 degrees
Below: A statue depicting an Inuit family in winter clothing in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, dedicated to the first nation of Alaska, the Inuit.
eskimo statue
eskimo statue
eskimo statue
eskimo statue
A time capsule to be opened in 2059
time capsule sign
time capsule
History bookThe bronze sculpture below was erected to commemorate the secret 1941 Lend-Lease partnership between eventual Cold War rivals, the United States and the Soviet Union. Artist Richard T. Wallen's monument honors the heroic pilots who ferried nearly 8,000 warplanes from the U.S. to Siberia to help Russia defend against the invading German army. They flew risky missions over remote and unpaved wilderness, making their way in stages, from one hastily built airfield to the next. The 2006 dedication of the Alaska-Siberia Lend-Lease Memorial in Fairbanks was an event attended by dignitaries from the U.S., Russia, Canada, Great Britain and France.
monument - Alaska-Siberia WWII
monument - Alaska-Siberia WWII
Below: A close-up of the engraved words on the monument shown above.
engraved sign
The back side of the monument
back side of the above monument
Below: Signs in store windows in downtown Fairbanks
dog team sign
yukon quest sign
Riverview RV Park on Badger Road on the river had 70 full hookups, 30/50 amp, free Wi-Fi, CATV, free clean private showers/restrooms, a vehicle wash area, laundromat, gift shop, gas/diesel, tent area, ATM. and friendly personnel in the office. It was a nice campground. They will even accept mail for you at the office.
Riverview spelled out in flowers
sign - Riverview RV Park
sign on RV office and gift shop
the new yard of the two RV Gypsies

Note: The two RV Gypsies spent more time in Fairbanks in 2016 and the photos are totally different. These can be found by using the TOC button at the top of any page and choosing the letter F.

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in Fairbanks, Alaska
July 9 - 15, 2009

You may visit these five (5) sites in any order you choose.

Fairbanks, Alaska

El Dorado Gold Mine

Riverboat Discovery Cruise -
Chena Indian Village & an Athabaskan Fish Camp

Pioneer Park; a sternwheeler paddleship & more

World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

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