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Karen dresses for special occasions
and enters two annual costume contests.

heartsHappy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2018 - Karen ready to go to a daytime Valentine's Party

After the party, the two RV Gypsies went to a friend's house for dinner

St. Patrick's Dayshamrock divider bar

St. Patrick's Day Costume Contest at Flanigan's- Karen won first prize again, and spent all night posing for pictures. Her family walked right by her several times before they realized it was her. She had green shamrocks all around the bottom of the hat and they lit up and blinked green. The pot of gold that she carried also had a green light on it. Karen's family and friends also joined her at Flanigan's for dinner and drinks. Channel 7 was filming and Flanigan's manager made sure that Karen was in front of the camera.

pot of goldFlanigan's St. Ptrick's day 2018 green contest
Flanigan's St. Ptrick's day 2018 green contest Flanigan's St. Ptrick's day 2018 green contest
family family

Bagpipe player at Flanigan's

Barbara and Karen
at a line dance party

Bagpipe player at Flanigan's Karen Duquette and Barbara
shamrock divider bar

Karen has won each year starting in 2010 through this year, 2018. Previous costumes are shown below. This will be the last time that Karen enters a Flanigan's costume contest because the two RV Gypsies are moving their home base from Florida to South Carolina soon.

divider bar
Happy Easter

The Easter Bonnet criteria was "most unique, most creative". Everyone at the party said Karen should win first place. Before the contest began, the girl with the small bonnet that actually won said, "I am glad to hear that you won't be here next year so I can win". Yet she won this year. Judge for yourself. Either way it's all good and the party was fun.

Easter chicks

First place winner - is this more creative & unique or the one below it ?????

winning hat

Front of Second place bonnet

Back of Second place bonnet

Karen Duquette's bonnet Karen Duquette's bonne

Below: If Maxine's comic was true, then Karen's butt must have vanished when she wore the above bonnet.

Karen Duquette

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