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The two RV Gypsies
visited International Falls, Rainier,
Rainy Lake and Rainy River area
- Gateway to Voyageurs National Park-

June 12, 2012
USA map showing location of Minnesotamap of Minnesota showing where Voyageurs National Park is located

monument about the Route of the Voyageurs

sign - Big Falls City Park
The two RV Gypsies checked out the Killifer Fire Plow, Holt Crawler and statue of Uncle Dan Campbell at the intersection of US 71, Minnesota 6 and County 31.
Historic Display
Killifer Fire Plow
Holt Crawler
Uncle Dan Campbell wood carving sign
Lee Duquette and Uncle Dan Campbell wood carving
Marvelous carved chairs to relax in while checking out the Historical Display shown above
carved chair
carved swinging bench
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sign - International Falls Welcomes You
Smokey Bear Park
on 3rd Street.
Karen Duquette was dwarfed by the Smokey Bear and cubs statue at Smokey Bear Park.
sign - Welcome To Smokey Bear Park
Karen Duquette and the Smokey Bear carving
The Koochiching Museum is about the area's heritage -- Native Americans, logging, farming, gold rush.
Koochiching & Bronko Nagurski museum
The Bronko Nagurski Museum commemorates this NFL legend and International Falls' most famous son. Bronko Nagurski was named by the Associated Press as one of the 101 top athletes of the 20th century. Some have described Nagurski as the best football player to ever play the game. Nagurski played for the University of Minnesota while in college and the Chicago Bears as a professional player. Nagurski, of tough Ukrainian stock, was a massive man, 6 feet, 2 inches tall and 225 pounds. His collar size was 19 1/2 inches. The highlight of his career was leading the Chicago Bears to the first championship of the modern pro era in 1933. Bronko passed away on January 8, 1990.
Bronko Nagurski  memorial statue
Alexander Baker who homestead the townsite of International Falls.
Alexander Baker poster
below: a neat bicycle rack shaped like a fish at the International Falls Welcome Center
fish bicycle rack
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Ranier is a city in Koochiching County, Minnesota, United States, 138 miles NW of Duluth, Minnesota and 251 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city has a population of 188. Ranier is along Minnesota's border by Canada and is the Gateway to Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota's only National Park).
Port of Ranier sign
Karen Duquette by the Voyageur Statue at the entrance to Rainier, Minnesota
Karen Duquette by the Voyageur Statue
Karen Duquette by the Voyageur Statue
Rainy Lake Visitor Center
Rainy Lake Visitor Center sign
boats at Rainy Lake Visitor Center
Rainy Lake Visitor Center scenery
Rainy Lake Visitor Center scenery
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Voyageurs National Park is a United States National Park in northern Minnesota near the town of International Falls. It was established in 1975. The park's name commemorates the voyageurs, French-Canadian fur traders who were the first European settlers to frequently travel through the area. The park is notable for its outstanding water resources and is popular with canoeists, kayakers, other boaters and fishermen. The Kabetogama Peninsula, which lies entirely within the park and makes up most of its land area, is accessible only by boat. To the east of the National Park lies the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The park has several boat ramps and visitor centers around its periphery, though the main body of the park is only accessible by boat or, in the winter, by snowmobile, ski, or snowshoe.

sign - Voyageurs National Park sign
information about The Voyageurs sign
a wood carving at Voyageurs National Park Welcome Center
wood carving
wood carving
Squirrels at Voyageurs National Park Welcome Center
Squirrel at Voyageurs National Park
Squirrel at Voyageurs National Park
Squirrel at Voyageurs National Park
Lee Duquette at  Voyageurs National Park
Mermaid Crossing sign
laughing birdKaren Duquette swings like a bird in a large bird cage
at Voyageurs National Park Welcome Center
Karen Duquette in a large bird cage
Karen Duquette in a large bird cage
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