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The two RV Gypsies and her high school friend, Sharyn Hurley Alden
drove through the city of Cedar Keyand explored Cedar Key State Park
in Chiefland, Florida

sign: Welcome to Cedar Key

Karen Duquette took a few interesting photos while driving through the city of Cedar Key; a pier full of pelicans, plus a very unique fisherman.

a pier full of pelicans

a very unique fisherman

Below: A brightly painted RV at Cedar Key Sunset Isle RV Park. Note the "people' in the windows.

A brightly painted RV

A Shark Drop Off Sign is in the parking lot of a school in Cedar Key.

Shark drop off and pick up sign

Cedar Key State Park

Cedar Key State Park sign
sign about John Muir

Below: A Confederate Salt Kettle located outside the Cedar Key Museum

A Conferate Salt Kettle sign
Karen Duquette by A Conferate Salt Kettle

Below: Sabal Palm tree and informational sign

a Sabal Palm tree
Sabal Palm tree informational sign

Below: Sand Pine and informational sign

Sand Pine informaitonal sign
close-up of Sand Pine
Sand Pine tree

Below: Sign about the Salt Marshes and the wildlife. The ground in this area was full of tiny holes. Karen  Duquette wondered what caused these holes -- little critters perhaps?

Sign about the Salt Marshes
ground in this area is full of tiny holes
salt marsh area at Cedar Key State Park
salt marsh area at Ceder Key State Park

Oyster shells are in abundance in this salt marsh area.

Oyster shells are in abundance in this salt marsh area.

Looking up towards the sky, a portion of a tree forms an interesting pattern.

a tree in the sky

Lunch time and time to enjoy Tony's famous clam chowder at Tony's Restaurant , 597 2nd Street, in Cedar Key, Florida, very near the pier. Karen and Sharyn had the clam chowder naturally, plus some fried clams, and both items were very good. The New England clam chowder was quite different from any clam chowder they have ever eaten in the past. There was a lot of color in the chowder from seasonings and of course the clam and potatoes were great with lovely texture. Definitely some spice to it and lots of yummy bacon.

The main room was smallish and a bit noisy (but not as noisy as sport bars). There was also a back room but they did not go there. While the building that houses Tony's was charming, the dining room was lacking in charm. The tables and chairs were very basic, there was little or no decor beyond the signage for the clam chowder prizes (as shown in the photos below), no linens, no music, no bar area, etc. The ambiance was totally MIA, but the clam chowder was wonderful.

sign: about Tony's World Champion Clam Chowder
sign: about Tony's World Champion Clam Chowder
sign about Tony's World Champion Clam Chowder
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Now that you have enjoyed Cedar Key State Park, please continue on to the other two sites in Chiefland, Florida. You may view these in any order you wish.

Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge;
Shell Mound Archaeological Site, and birds

Manatee Springs State Park
and Manatees

Cedar Key State Park

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