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The two RV Gypsies
hiked at Stone Mountain State Park
3042 Frank Parkway
Roaring Gap, North Carolina 28668
phone '336-957.8185
April 27, 2019

IMPORTANT This Stone Mountain State Park in NC is not to be confused with Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. To see photos, size and history of Stone Mountain, Georgia, click here. There will be a link at the bottom of that page to return here.

USA map showing location of North CarolinaNorth Carolina Map showing location of Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain State park is more than 14,1000 acres in Wilkes and Allegheny counties in North Carolina. One of the park's most spectacular features is Stone Mountain, a 600-foot granite dome, an igneous rock formed beneath the earth's surface by molten lava. Over time, wind, water and other forces gradually eroded the softer layers of rock atop the granite block and exposed the outcrop we see today. Wet weather springs continually carve troughs in the granite as water runs down the mountain's sloping face

sign for Stone Mountain State Park in NC

The massive granite dome at Stone Mountain State Park keeps watch on park visitors enjoying nearly every type of outdoor activity – camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, picnicking, horseback riding and more. There are more than 18 miles of trails, matched by more than 20 miles of designated trout waters in this park that spreads below the Blue Ridge Parkway. A campground offers 90 sites, some with utility hookups, and group and backpacking campsites are nearby. Rock climbing is allowed by permit on the towering, 600-foot granite face of the landmark mountain, and climbers look down on Hutchinson Homestead, a restored mid-19th century mountain farm. Expansive picnic grounds with shelters invite reunions and community gatherings.

Stone Mountain in North Carolina

ImportantThe above photo and quote is from because the hike to the mountain was too strenuous for the two RV Gypsies, which was a very big disappointment for them. Note: That website did not say that this was a restricted photo. Plus, putting it here is good advertisement for them.

Below: Lee Duquette and Dutch

Dutch at the picnic table Lee Duquette and Dutch on the hiking trail

Trail network visits the Stone Mountain summit as well as waterfalls, trout streams, historic homestead and dramatic overlooks. The rugged terrain offered hiking challenges, plus a five-mile equestrian trail. There were many trails, ranging from 1 mile round trip to 6 miles (one-way) in length. Most were marked moderate, but some were labelled strenuous. Even the moderate trails had steep upgrades, and other hikers told the two RV Gypsies that it was about 200 steps one way to get to the mountain. They were not able to make that hike.

hiking trail at Stone Mountain State Park

Below: Two very small waterfalls

small waterfall small waterfall

Upper and Lower Waterfalls

Upper and Lower Waterfalls waterfall

Below: There was not any informational sign about this stone fire pit.

stone formation

Although the two RV Gypsies were unable to do the strenuous trail to the bottom of the waterfall, they enjoyed the hike and the view of the waterfall from the lookout.

sign 200 foot falls - caution the 200 foot waterfall
the 200 foot waterfall the 200 foot waterfall
Lee Duquette and Dutch Lee Duquette and Dutch
Lee Duquette and Dutch the two RV Gypsies at the waterfall
waterfall at Stone Mountain State Park NC waterfall at Stone Mountain State Park NC
waterfall at Stone Mountain State Park NC waterfall at Stone Mountain State Park NC

look below

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