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The two RV Gypsies travelled to
Branson, Missouri

May 8 - 9 - 10, 2016

Missouri welcome sign

Karen felt like she should have her hands up in the air because so many of the roads were "roller coaster" roads.

roller coaster road roller coaster road
roller coaster road long curvy road

The two RV Gypsies are glad they don't live on this steep hill.

Driving over Table Rock Dam

a very steep hill Table Rock Dam

Branson is a city in Stone and Taney Counties in the U.S. state of Missouri. Most of the city is in Taney County, with a small portion in the west extending into Stone County. Branson is in the Ozark Mountains. The community was named after Ruben Branson, postmaster and operator of a general store in the area in the 1880s.

Branson has long been a popular destination for vacationers from Missouri and neighboring areas. The collection of entertainment theaters along 76 Country Boulevard (and to a lesser extent along Shepherd of the Hills Expressway) including Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, has increased Branson's popularity as a tourist destination. Branson now draws visitors from all regions of the country, mostly by car or bus.

Missouri Water Tower Branson water tower

Below: A great mural on a building. Most of the time cars were parked in front of it, but eventually the two RV Gypsies drove by it when there were not any cars in front of the mural.

Welcome to Branson mural
close-up of part of the Branson mural

King Kong on top of a building, holding an airplane.

Hollywood scene and King Kong King Kong holding an airplane
King Kong holding an airplane King Kong holding an airplane

The Titanic Museum and an iceberg,
and they are actually in water.

Outside of Pasghetti's Restaurant/Attraction

Titanic ship and an iceberg in water giant meatball, fork, tomato and pepper

Airplane at a miniature golf course.

airplane at a miniature golf course faces on a building

Below: Whipper-Snappers Restaurant and sign. The two RV Gypsies ate there and Karen got her "belated birthday lobster dinner / late Mother's Day dinner" all at once. It was "all you can eat lobster and buffet". The lobster was good, but it was slightly over-cooked, but Karen enjoyed it none-the-less. Lee does not eat lobster, but he enjoyed the buffet. Karen paid $40 for the lobster buffet, Lee only had to pay $20 because he does not eat lobster or crab legs. The Italian Margarita that Karen had was a bit weak.

Whipper-Snappers Restaurant no smoking sign

Inside of Whipper- Snappers Restaurant, Lee met Captain Morgan.

Lee Duquette and Captain Morgan

Actually, Whipper-Snappers is attached to and behind the big chicken restaurant shown below.

big chicken restaurant big chicken restaurant
Menu for the two RV Gypsies
in Branson, Missouri
You may view these adventures in any order your choose.
May 8 - 9 - 10, 2016
(Note: There is also a link to St. Joseph Missouri below.)

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bullet Branson (in and around the city)

bullet Branson Landing

bullet Dogwood Canyon in Lampe and a Segway tour

bullet Inspiration Tower

bullet Acrobats of Shanghai

bullet Illusionist Rick Thomas
- unbelievably amazing, awesome

bullet flashback to Branson in 2006
(Including Inspiration Tower)

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