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The two RV Gypsies left Missouri to go to South Dakota, but first they had to drive through Iowa, and although they did not stop, Karen did take some interesting photos out the window of their moving RV.
Sign: America Needs Farmers
May 14, 2016
Map of USA showing location of Iowa
welcome to Iowa sign

Below: Hello Iowa: Iowa's Spiky towers in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “Odyssey” is four giant multi-ton metal piles of cones and cylinders and jagged discs created by New York artist Albert Paley, who calls it “The gateway to Iowa.” It rises an impressive 100 feet above the freeway as they bracket the entry bridge into Iowa on I-80. It cost $3.5 million and was erected in 2010.. Odyssey has already been compared to the Eiffel Tower by the arts foundation that commissioned it, and to the Statue of Liberty by Paley himself. A local professor told an Omaha newspaper that Odyssey was much better than Nebraska’s I-80 archway. Council Bluffs drivers, however, have been less enthusiastic, calling the giant piles “Freddy Krueger hands” and making other unkind comparisons

Odyssey sculpture on bridge in Iowa

Below: Coffee Pot Water Tower in Council Bluffs, Iowa- Designed to look like a pot of coffee and the enticing advertisement for Sapp Brothers Truck Centers.

Sapp Bros water tower

Below: Golden Spike in Council Bluffs on 9th Avenue can be seen from the Highway. It is a 56 feet tall monument to the transcontinental railroad which juts out of a park in a residential neighborhood. The historical Golden Spike event happened nowhere near here, but the monument was placed here in 1939 as a promotional gimmick for the film Union Pacific.

Golden Spike in Council Bluffs
Golden Spike in Council Bluffs

There is a South Sioux City in Nebraska, a North Sioux City and Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Sioux City in Iowa. The two RV Gypsies were in Sioux Falls SD in 2012, and on this date in 2016, they are going to Sioux City SD

blurry signs
Welcome to Sioux City sign

happy faceSioux City North KOA
675 Streeter Drive
North Sioux City, South Dakota
May 14, 2016


Welcome to South Dakota sign
KOA sign
KOA office
eagle sculpture in front of the KOA office

This was a standard KOA campground with mostly standard KOA rules, except RV washing was permitted for an additional price of $15 on this date. The campground had coded Wi-Fi, but it was very slow and only good for two hours, unless additional time was purchased. The swimming pool was not filled yet because it was too early in the season. Visitors who are not campground guests must pay $5 to use the pool. This KOA had cable TV with a lot of channels. The roads were dirt roads. Only two trains came by, one at 11:30 p.m. and one around 5 a.m. Karen hates train horns and the train noise while in a campground. This was just a one-night stay for the two RV Gypsies and they really did not look around the campground or check any of the campground amenities. Check-out time was 11 a.m.

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