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The two RV Gypsies drove from Gloucester to
map showing distance from Gloucester to Salem
Salem, Massachusetts
August 8, 2011
History clipart bookIn 1692, Salem was gripped by a hysteria that captured the world's attention and now symbolizes the tragic consequences of intolerance and injustice. A few girls accused hundreds of people of witchcraft and persecuted them, causing bodily harm and pain. The legal system of the time allowed spectral evidence and made it impossible for the accused to defend themselves against innuendo, fear and a rush to judgment. Over the course of 10 months, twenty innocent men and women were put to death. This chapter in history is so significant it is taught in schools around the world.

sign - Entering Salem

sign - Witch City
Below: Statue and star honoring Elizabeth Montgomery, star of the long-running TV Show, Bewitched.
 Witch Statue
Witch Statue 
Elizabeth Montgomery - Bewitched star
Statue honoring Roger Conant, the first settler of Salem, Massachusetts
Roger Conant statue
Roger Conant plaque
The Salem Witch Museum features an exhibit that tells the stories of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and one that examines the changing interpretations of the word, "Witch."
The Witch House in Salem
- tour at your own pace
Salem Witch Museum
Witch House
a famous house
Salem is a perfect walking city. Almost everything is within a half-mile square block downtown, with a fat red line painted on the sidewalk showing the way.
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Salem - Witch City
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