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map showing where Jekyll Island is located
Jekyll Island, Georgia
May 20 -25, 2010
The island measures about 7 miles long by 1.5 miles wide, has 8 miles of wide flat beaches and lots of tidal marshlands.
Jekyll Island is an island off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, in Glynn County, midway between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia. The city of Brunswick, Georgia, the Marshes of Glynn, and several other islands, including the larger St. Simons Island, are nearby. Its beaches are frequented by vacationers and guided tours of the Landmark Historic District are available. Bike trails, walks along the beaches and sandbars, and Summer Waves, plus a water park, are a few of the many things vacationers can do. The District consists of a number of buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The island is also full of wildlife, consisting of many different mammals and reptiles living in the island's inland marshes.
There is a fun, surprise set of photos at the bottom of this page
The entry road to Jekyll Island.
The first sign seen said that there is no gas on the island.
On this date, it cost the two RV Gypsies $5 daily to enter Jekyll Island.
Residents have to buy an annual pass.
sign - Jekyll Island
A six-mile causeway separates Jekyll Island from the mainland and the City of Brunswick.
entry to the six-mile causeway
up and over the bridge we go
Latitude 31 Restaurant on the historic Jekyll Island Club Wharf.
Latitude 31 Restaurant
The two RV Gypsies waked the boardwalk to get to the restaurant and took photos along the way, of course.
High tide
Low tide and Oyster shells
boardwalk view - high tide
boardwalk view - low tide
view from the left side of the boardwalk at high tide and a glimpse of the bridge
another boardwalk view
A bee in a potted plant near the table.
Lee enjoyed the "Rah Bar" at Latitude 31
bumble bee in a potted plant
Lee Duquette
The view of the two RV Gypsies while enjoying some really great shrimp at the "Rah" Bar
intercoastal view
intercoastal view
View from the fishing pier at Jekyll Island
View from the fishing pier at Jekyll Island
The two RV Gypsies took a walk along the beach just past the fishing pier and past the bend you see in the above photo. Karen Duquette's hat kept blowing away in the wind, so when Lee caught her hat, he put on Karen's hat just to be funny.
the beach
Lee Duquette wearing Karen's hat
Lee Duquette by a big tree trunk
Karen Duquette - too windy to wear her hat
Lots of birds flying around this fishing boat
Lots of birds flying around this fishing ship
Lots of birds flying around this fishing ship
It was very windy (but hot) on the beach - the white streaks seen in the photo below are actually sand drifts blowing in the faces of the two RV Gypsies. The ocean made a water path in the sand.
sand drifts
The ocean makes a water path in the sand
water on the beach
water on the beach
Lee Duquette found a dead horseshoe crab in the sand - What kind of faces or images do you imagine you see in the underside (legs) of the horseshoe crab?
Lee with a dead horseshoe crab
a dead horseshoe crab
It was very windy on the beach and Karen Duquette could not even see where she was walking.
Karen Duquette without a face
Karen Duquette
Karen Duquette tried to get the hair out of her face and Lee photographed her WILD shadow.
Karen Duquette and her wild shadow
a wild shadow
horses and a boat
Several photos were taken from this beach of the St. Simons Lighthouse - continue on and these are shown later.
The beach on the east shore of Jekyll Island with sand packed hard enough for easy walking - photos looking in each direction from the boardwalk
The beach at Jekyll Island,
The beach at Jekyll Island,
The two RV Gypsies explored a small path from the road. There are 20 miles of hiking trails on Jekyll Island - this is just a one minute path to the waterway, not one of the hiking trails. Spanish moss covers live oak trees throughout the island.
a small trail
marvelous trees
The two RV Gypsies got a glimpse of the lighthouse on St. Simons Island - scroll down for a link to those photos.
Karen Duquette enjoyed the view
the lighthouse on St. Simons Island
Karen Duquette
The two RV Gypsies noticed that the trees were all leaning away from the ocean.
trees leaning away from the ocean
The two RV Gypsies
The two RV Gypsies turned around, and the view is very different.
ovean view
The two RV Gypsies
A distance view of the Suspension Bridge
The Suspension Bridge
as viewed from the fishing pier
view of the Suspension Bridge
The  Suspension Bridge
Various sunset views at Jekyll Island
There was a small row of stores on the island, including a fishing gear store
sign - fishing gear store
A 203-foot tall suspension bridge that connects the island to the mainland.
 Suspension Bridge
 Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
The view driving over the bridge
The view driving over the bridge
The view driving over the bridge
clipart - smiling faceFLASHBACK - Karen and Lee Duquette were at Jekyll Island in 1975 with their two children, Renee and Brian. Here's a couple of pictures from 1975 on Jekyll Island. Enjoy a good laugh, especially at Lee's beard!
Karen, Lee and Brian Duquette 1975
Lee, Renee, Karen duquette 1975
Lee, Karen, Renee
Renee, Lee, Brian Duquette 1975
Renee, Lee, Brian Duquette, 1975
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