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The two RV Gypsies spent a day at Summer Waves Waterpark
on Jekyll Island, Georgia - Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Wave Water Park has more than a million gallons of splashing water fun with 11 acres of water slides, water thrills, and food. Not a real big park, but it was a nice, fun park.

an overview of the park
Frantic Atlantic - The Rolling Waves Pool
Frantic Atlantic
The Rolling Waves Pool
The Kiddie Pool with only 12 inches of bubbling water
the Lazy River on Turtle Creek
Kiddie Pool
Turtle Creek
Pirates Passage: Rider can go single or double on a tube in a totally-enclosed speed flume that jets riders in darkness over three breathtaking humps. Then land in the shallow pool at the bottom and discover your bathing suit gave you a wedgie.
Pirates Passage
Pirates Passage
See all the people going up the stairs carrying the tubes. A great ride, fast, but short - and lots of stairs to climb while carrying a tube.
Pirates Passage
Nature's Revenge -
no tubes on this slide and not quite so many stairs
Nature's Revenge no tubes on this slide
A giant tipping water bucket in the Splash Zone
A giant tipping bucket in the Splash Zone
A giant tipping bucket
Lee got drenched by the giant water bucket
Lee getting drenche
Lee getting drenche
Karen (in the orange bathing suit) getting drenched by the giant water bucket
Karen getting drenche
Ride double down the Force 3 inner tube flume (the fat white slide) or ride without a tube down either of the blue slides. The blue slides are completely in the dark and go very fast. One of the blue slides had one straight drop, the other blue slide curved on the way down. Both were very fast and gave Karen a big bathing suit wedgie when she hit the shallow water at the bottom.
the Force 3 inner tube flume
a set of three slides
You cannot bring food or drink into the park, but they did sell soda, water, salads, hot dogs and pretty good subs, etc. Life Jackets were provided free of charge, but not mandatory. Do NOT bring your own tubes. This is a total non-smoking park.
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Jekyll Island Waterpark
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Amelia Island & the tallest dunes in FL
Burney Park
Fort Clinch & Amelia Island Lighthouse
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