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Fort Frederica - May 21, 2010
history bookFort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island, Georgia, preserves the archaeological remnants of a fort and town built by James Oglethorpe between 1736 and 1748 to protect the southern boundary of the British colony of Georgia from Spanish raids. About 630 British troops were stationed at the fort. A town of up to about 500 residents existed outside the fort. One-third of Frederica Town's original colonists left within the first five years of settlement. Many returned to England. The town was named Frederica, after Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of King George II.
sign - Fort Frederica National Monument
Directional sign in the park
In 1742, the British (Fort Frederica's troops) defeated the Spanish at the battles of Gully hole Creek and Bloody Marsh, ensuring Georgia's future as a British colony. The Spanish retreated to Florida, and later would sign a peace treaty with the British, thus paving the way for the Colony of Georgia to be formed.
A tabby fort guarded the twisting water approach to the town.
the fort at Fort Frederica
the fort at Fort Frederica"
Karen Duquette in the doorway of the Fort
Karen in the doorway of the Fort
tree and spanish moss
Remains of Fort Frederica barracks
Remains of Fort Frederica barrcks
sign identifying flowers
Brian and Renee Duquette playing in the trees at Fort Frederica - 1975
Brian and Renee playing in the trees
Brian playing in the trees
1975 photo
1975 photo
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Jekyll Island, Georgia
Jekyll Island Waterpark
St. Simons Island, Georgia
St. Simons Lighthouse
Fort Frederica

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Amelia Island, Florida and the tallest dunes in Florida
Burney Park
Fort Clinch and Amelia Island Lighthouse
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