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The two RV Gypsies & friends
walked the Scarecrow Crawl
in downtown Fort Mill, SC
October 9, 2019
scarecrow clipart

Fort Mill Access One Scarecrow Helen Adams Realty Scarecrow

Below: Dentist scarecrow working on pumpkin teeth

dentist and patient scarecrows scarecrow teeth

Below: The two RV Gypsies and friends. Karen and Sandy were best friends in the U.S. Navy Waves Bootcamp in Bainbridge, Maryland many years ago. Karen was also a bridesmaid at Sandy and Steve's wedding. Friends Forever.

Sandy Trostad and Karen Duquette Bridesmaid scarecrow

Below: Gardening Gwendolyn scarecrow

Sandy and Steve Trostad saying on the Fort Mill Garden Club scarecrow

Below: Front and back of the Tupperware Scarecrow

front of Tupperware scarecrow back of Tupperware scarecrow
Crosswinds Insurance Agency scarecrow Fall Fairy scarecrow
Mickey Mouse scarecrow end stigma scarecrow
Victory Sports scarecrow Love Your Skin scarecrow
Do Good Now scarecrow pumpkins in a wagon
Classical Conversations of Fort Mill  scarecrow Tega Cay scarecrow
Fort Mill Massage Therapy scarecrow May The Force Be with you - South State Bank scarecrow
Fantastic Fanny scarecrow Santa Claus scarecrow
Fort Mill Utilities scarecrow scarecrow

Below: 4 photos of the favorite scarecrow of the two RV Gypsies.

Home of the Free scarecrow Karen Duquette at the Home of the Free scarecrows
Karen Duquette at the Home of the Free scarecrow Home of the Free scarecrows
YMCA scarecrow D and R Family Dentistry scarecrow
Dream Chasers scarecrow Fort Mill Vet Clinic scarecrow
Bliss Real Estate scarecrow house CR sports scarecrow
Good Sam scarecrows Habitat for Humanity scarecrow
Pawsy scarecrow German Beer scarecrow
Just Serve Org scarecrow scarecrow on the hill in Fort Mill

Below: Lee sticks his finger
up the Skeleton's nose! Yuck!

Below: The two RV Gypsies'
reflection in the store window

Lee Duquette and a skeleten scarecrow pink piggy scarecrow on a bench
Karen Duquette and the pink piggy scarecrow Karen Duquette and the pink piggy scarecrow
Grace scarecrow Judy Gray scarecrow
No Excuse Mom exercise scarecrow Olive's Mud Puddle scarecrow
Smart scarecrow Checkers hockey scarecrow
The Reaper scarecrow Reaper hot pepper sign
809 scarecrow Philadelphia United Methodist Church scarecrow
Tatiana the Fairy Queen scarecrow Textile Terry scarecrow
Sandra Boyd Trostad Karen Duquette
Vac Orthonditics Wild Thing scarecrow Parlour Hair Studio scarecrow
pumpkin head scarecrow Highgarden Real Estate Open House display
Celebrate Your Difference scarecrows Yoco Brew scarecrow

Below: Front and back of the real estate display

Stephen Cooley Real Estate house display Stephen Cooley Real Estate house display
Fort Mill town of Family scarecrows Fort Mill's Little Bo Peep scarecrow
Public Works Recyle scarecrow
Alice in Tate Land scarecrow school bus scarecrow
The Art of Friendship scarecrow scarecrow
Lake Wylie scarecrow Pastor Josh scarecrow
unicorn scarecrow scarecrow
Haunting Hercules scarecrow
Baxter Cabinets scarecrow Chit Chat Therapy scarecrows

Below: Other things seen in Fort Mill on this date - not part of the Scarecrow Crawl

Welcome to Fort Mill fall banner funny sign in downtown Fort Mill
Fort Mill Horse Watering Trough Fort Mill Horse Watering Trough
small pumpkins on a shelf small pumpkins on a shelf
witch in the tree Fort Mill train museum

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