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The travels of the Two RV Gypsies in 2019

IMPORTANTbullet THE BEST WAY to view photos & read history of the travels of the two RV Gypsies is to scroll down the page UNDER the interactive map and pick a site to view.

bullet Another way is to go to the INTERACTIVE MAP below and choose a specific destination on the map. This method is good if you are interested in only a certain area.

bullet Be sure to scroll down UNDER the map to read about what you will find when you click on any photo section. More destinations and places will be added as the two RV Gypsies travel.

2019 travels of the two RV Gypsies
Trip #12- 2019

NOTE: You may view the following in any order of your choice. This is not meant to be a linear site, however, there is a link at the bottom of each page which allows everyone to view the sites in the order of occurrence.

Butterfly bullet1: South Carolina menu - state parks, gardens, waterfalls and more

Butterfly bullet2: North Carolina menu - hiking, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and more

Butterfly bullet3. Washington DC - Cherry Blossoms, WW II Memorial, and other monuments

Butterfly bullet4. Maryland - Annapolis Naval Academy

Butterfly bullet5. VA - Buena Vista, Marine Corps Museum, Boxerwood, Panther Falls, Pentagon

Note: Each of the above 5 sections, contains its own menu with multiple pages, places, and events and more.

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the two RV Gypsies in South Carolina The two RV Gypsies in North Carolina the Two RV Gypsies in Virginia The two RV Gypsies in Washington D.C. The two RV Gypsies in Maryland