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Swan Lake Iris Gardens
822 West Liberty Street
Sumter, South Carolina 29150
phone - '803.436.2640
May 20, 2019

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USA map showing location of South CarolinaSC map showing location of Sumter

Swan Lake Iris Gardens began in 1927 as a private fishing lake for wealthy businessman Hamilton Carr Bland, who also began landscaping his garden with Japanese Iris flowers. It is currently the only public park in the United States to have all eight species of swans including Royal White Mutes, Black Necks, Coscorobas, Whoopers, Black Australians, Whistlers, Bewicks, and Trumpeters.

Swan Lake Iris Gardens sign Karen Duquette getting wet under the sprinkler

Below: The water fountain and Cypress Knees

The water fountain and Cypress Knees The water fountain and Cypress Knees

Karen Duquette thought this would be a peaceful place to sit, relax and read a book.

The water fountain and Cypress Knees The water fountain and Cypress Knees
Cypress tree and cypres knees tree
swans Karen Duquette's new friends
swans and cypress knees looking up into a tree

There were several other critters around besides the swans

dragonfly dragonfly
dragonfly turtle
bug dragonfly

Below: Recovery

Recovery is a monumental work by renowned sculptor Grainger McKoy, and it has taken flight at Swan Lake Iris Gardens. The sculpture stands almost 18 feet high from ground level. The actual wing is 14-feet in height and weighs about 1,500 pounds. The sculpture is visible from nearly every point of the south side of the gardens. Following an entire year's work, it was unveiled to the public on May 1, 2010

Note: Quotes about the Recovery Sculpture is from the brochure obtained at the gardens.

plaque for the Recovery Sculpture Recovery Sculpture

The stainless steel sculpture represents the wing of a pintail duck in flight. This is when it is least productive and most vulnerable, yet has the grace and beauty that exists nowhere else. The wing was inspired by an earlier sculpture, Pintails, and represents a step beyond the 6-fft Recovery Stroke that Mr. McKoy created in 2006. The Swan Lake Sculpture is more than twice the size of the one it was based upon.

Recovery Sculpture Recovery Sculpture
Recovery Sculpture and swams
tree and reflection in the pond tree and reflection in the pond
trees and reflections in the pond and flowers trees and reflections in the pond and flowers
trees and reflections in the pond and flowers small waterfall under a walk bridge
trees and a swampy pond trees and a swampy pond
walkway in the gardens trees and a swampy pond
caution sign about the swans gazebo
boy statue boy statue
swamp pond swamp pond
swan and a flower flowers and pathway
swans and flowers Karen Duquette and flowers
bridge friends on the bridge
swamp pond another bridge
3 trees girl staute

look below

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