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location in Texas
Photos, History, Wildlife -
San Angelo State Park in Texas
April 11, 2009

San Angelo State Park is located on the shores of O.C. Fisher Reservoir, which was completed by the US Corps of Engineers in 1952 for flood control on the North Concho River. The park, adjacent to the City of San Angelo in Tom Green County, is an oasis of quality outdoor recreation in an area of west Texas known as Concho Country. It was leased by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in May 1995 and was opened to the public May 1, 1995. The property contains 7,677 acres, most of which will remain undeveloped.

history clipart bookArcheological findings indicate some 18,000 years of Native American occupation in the expansive West Texas region, beginning with the Paleo-American hunters of giant Ice Age mammals. The Euro-American history of the area begins with 16th and 17th-century Spanish exploration and the missions established for the semi-settled Jumano Indians. Some of these Jumanos made their way along the forks of the Concho River on expeditions to trade with Indian groups in central and eastern Texas. By the mid-1800's, German immigrants began to acquire land in the Concho River region. The increasing need to protect California-bound travelers led to the establishment of Fort Concho in 1867. From then on, farmers, ranchers, and sheepherders all contributed to the settlement of Concho Country, with San Angelo (originally Santa Angela) becoming the county seat of Tom Green County in 1883.

Lee Duquette set up a lunch picnic on the way to San Angelo State Park. Karen Duquette was very cold!
Lee Duquette setting up a picnic
Karen Duquette is very cold
San Angelo State Park Sign and Fire Danger Sign. This area was in a very serious drought.
San Angelo State Park sign
Fire danger sign
The two RV Gypsies took a short hike on a nature trail: even the cacti were half dead because of the drought.
Karen hiking among the cacti
Karen hiking among the cacti
A long-eared jackrabbit
a long-eared jackrabbit
Prairie Dogs
location in TexasThe two RV Gypsies in Texas
April 2009
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O.C. Fisher Reservoir

San Angelo State Park and wildlife
Van Horn

Spectacular views from Guadalupe Peak,
the highest peak in Texas

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