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SA map showing location of SC

The two RV Gypsies
in Fort Mill, SC
July 5, 2018 -
July 17, 2018
and snow 2/18/2020
Map of SC showlng location of Fort Mill
Fort Mill Water Tower
Fort Mill clock

History bookFort Mill, also known as Fort Mill Township, is a town in York County in South Carolina. It is a suburb of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina and is located north of Rock Hill. Some businesses and residents in the Indian Land community of neighboring Lancaster County often use Fort Mill as their city address as it is the nearest incorporated area, but the official town boundary is located only in York County.

The Fort Mill area is home to notable businesses such as the headquarters of Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps, DCI World Champions in 2013, LPL Financial, Continental Tire the Americas (Lancaster County), LLC., Domtar, Mood Media, Springs Industries, AECOM (Lancaster County), Shutterfly, Red Ventures (Lancaster County), and Daimler Trucks North America.

The town has a total area of 4.6 square miles of which 4.5 square miles is land and 0.1 square miles is water. Interstate 77 passes through the western portions of the town, and exit 85 is signed "South Carolina Highway 160/Fort Mill." SC 160 is the main east-west street in Fort Mill.

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Below: The new yard for the RV of the two RV Gypsies

sign: Love where you Live
Lee Duquette by the garage the RV of the two RV Gypsies
house garage & RV

Below: Enjoying their daughter's backyard

Karen Duquette relaxing in her  hamock cat on the fence

Below: Two Rabbits having a staring contest.

two Rabbits having a staring contest

As many as five rabbits have been seen at one time in the yard.

rabbit in the yard rabbit in the yard
squirrel on the bird feeder squirrel on the bird feeder

It snowed in Fort Mill, South Carolina on February 8, 2020

snow on the car of the two RV Gypsies snow on the car of the two RV Gypsies
snow in the back yard snow in the back yard

Below: Snow on the backyard deck and on the cover of the hot tub

snow on the back porch snow on the hot tub
snowing by the fence snow on the swin

Below: Trump flag in a neighbor's yard

Trump Flag and Big Foot
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Downtown Fort Mill

They cannot advertise Liquor stores, so places that sell liquor have big red dots on the outside of the building

Downtown Fort Mill Liquor stores

A pink caboose and a sign about
Fort Mill

Below: Fort Mill Police Station

A pink caboose Fort Mill Police Station

sculptures on the side of a building


sculpures on the side of a building artwork

Below: three views of the same piece of art

artwork artwork

Below: A store that has one a lot of awards for "hot" stuff.

decorative sidewalks downtown

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Confederate Park
490 N. Confederate Avenue
Fort Mill, SC 29715

sign: Confederate Park Confederate Park
Jerrerson Davis Memorial
Jerrerson Davis Memorial plaque

Confederate Monument to Catawba Indians

Catawba noted citizens
Catawaba Indian monument
Catawaba Indian monument plaque

Below: Monument for Confederate Women

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Millstone Park

Fort Mill South Carolina sign
monumnet at Millstone Park
plaque about Millstone Park

bench and swinging benches

small playground at Millstone Park

Millstone Park playground at Millstone Park
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Veterans Park
106 N. White Street
Fort Mill, SC 29715

The American Legion Post 43 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9138 formed a partnership with The Town of Fort Mill to create a Veterans Park to honor the past, present, and future men and women of the armed forces of the United States of America.

Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial
Veterans Memorial
United States Marine Corps Monument United States Coast Guard Monument
US Army Monument US Navy Monument
US Air Force monument American Legion Bench
Veterans VFW Post bench Gold Star Mothers Bench

Karen learned to look down even though she was busy taking pictures. Things sticking up between the bricks made her trip.

bricks and flower bricks and star

Walter Eisner Park

plaque at Walter Eisner Park Walter Eisner Park statue
Walter Eisner Park statue
look below

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