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Welcome to St. Clair sign

The two RV Gypsies in
Saint Clair, Michigan
June 13, 2013

The two RV Gypsies wanted to walk the Riverwalk at Palmer Park in Saint Clair, but they didn't get out of their truck because there were lots of bugs flying around and the bugs were on the truck window too. So Karen had to settle on taking two quick photos through the window of the truck because she did not want the bugs inside of the truck.

Palmer Park entrance in St. Clair, Michigan
the Riverwalk at Palmer Park in Saint Clair, Michigan

The two RV Gypsies liked the statues of the kids playing in the park across the street from Palmer Park, and the big Salt can on top of a building. Then they bought a DQ ice-cream and went back to the campground.

statues of the kids playing in the park
big salt can
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June 8 - 13, 2013

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At the Rifle Range

Detroit (2 pages)

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Campgrounds in Michigan

Port Huron

Saint Clair

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(The two RV Gypsies visited Canada in-between the above Port Huron and Saint Clair sections, because
Port Huron and Point Edward are directly across from each other at the Michigan USA/Canada border.)