Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

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bullet cabbage - a very large cabbage at the El Dorado Gold Mine
bullet cabbage - a large cabbage-Georgeson Botanical Gardens AK
bullet Cabbage Patch Kids - Cabbage Patch Dolls - visit #1
bullet Cabbage Patch Kids - visit #2
bullet cabins - Long Rifle Lodge, Matanuska Glacier, Glacier View AK
bullet cable staircase with spaces between the steps - in Canada

bullet Cabot Trail around northern tip of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

bullet Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego
bullet Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada
bullet cactus & cacti: all listed under the special Gardens button
bullet Cadia, Kentucky and the Land Between The Lakes (LBL)
bullet Cadillac Mountain - Acadia National Park, Maine
bullet Cadillac Ranch - Route 66, west of Amarillo, TX
bullet Calgary Alberta Canada- Bow Bldg, Stephen Ave, parks/ tower
bullet Calgary tower and the glass floor - Alberta, Canada
bullet camera store - Ken's Camera in Mount Vernon, Washington
bullet Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada
bullet CANADA adventures of the two RV Gypsies
bullet Canada Olympic Park and the Skyline Luge in Calgary, Alberta
bullet Canadian cars that are funny and little - in Nevada
bullet Cancer Garden of Hope in Huntsville, Alabama
bullet Candle lighting Ceremony in memory of deceased children
bullet candy characters dancing with Karen at Hershey Park in PA
bullet Cannon Ball Concretions at TR NP, North Unit - 2016
bullet canoe fun in rain -Fisheating Creek, Palmdale FL with alligators
bullet canoe fun at Jonathan Dickerson State Park, Hobe Sound, FL
bullet canoe fun, Meramec River, Stanton, MO & a scary experience
bullet canoe fun; alligators: Riverbend Park/Loxahatchee River; Jupiter FL
bullet canoe fun on the Suwannee River, Live Oak FL- sand angels,
bullet canoe trip on the Suwannee River in Mayo, Florida 2014
bullet canoe - Suwannee Valley Camp Suwannee River-White Springs FL
bullet canopy walk on suspension bridge Myakka River State Pk FL
bullet canyons - Bruneau Overlook at Bruneau Canyon
bullet canyons - Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada
bullet canyons - Rock Springs, Wyoming
bullet Cap Santa Marina in Washington State
bullet Cape Enrage, one of the Marine Wonders of the World
bullet Cape Foulweather along Highway 101 on Oregon's coast
bullet Cape Flattery /Tatoosh Island / Sea Caves / Sea Otters
bullet Cape Perpetua in Florence OR: Tide Pools, Spouting Horn
bullet Cape Perpetua and Strawberry Hill at low tide - 2013
bullet Capilano Suspension Bridge-Vancouver-BC 450 ft long-230 ft high
bullet Captain Memo's Pirate Ship cruise in Clearwater, Florida
bullet Captain Ron's Jet Boats in Wisconsin Dells
bullet Capulin Volcano National Monument in New Mexico
bullet Carcross & the smallest desert in the world, Yukon, Canada
bullet Carillon Park and Bell Tower in Dayton Ohio
bullet Carillon - Ona May Lowe Carillon in Balboa Park. San Diego
bullet Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, NC
bullet Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte NC and part of SC - 2018
bullet Carroll Creek Park in Frederick, Maryland
bullet carousels - Around Town Carousels Abound in Meridian, MS
bullet cars - Antique Car Museum & car 53 & Hershey Kissmobile
bullet cars - antique car/bus by car museum in Hershey PA 2013
bullet cars: antique car towing a matching carrier in Cross Village, MI
bullet cars: antique blue/pink car -Thunder Bay Marina Park, Ontario
bullet cars - antique blue and pink car in Bonners Ferry, Idaho
bullet cars - antique car and an antique bus in Hershey, PA
bullet cars - a parade of old cars
bullet cars - Cadillac Ranch - graffiti spray painted cars
bullet cars - Cars like cars Elvis rode in - at Elvis Presley's birthplace
bullet cars - ceramic tile cars/trucks at Riverwalk San Angelo
bullet cars - funky van "Show me your wild thing & I'll show you mine"
bullet cars - funky van painted -face w/teeth & a tongue hanging out
bullet cars - funky van painted with pink palm trees and more
bullet cars - dirtiest car in world (MOB 1) caked-on mud-thick as clay
bullet cars - dirty car (toad #4) at Liard River Hot Springs 2016
bullet cars - busy car covered with stuff - Cranberry Festival in Wisc.
bullet cars - pickup truck towing mailbox /sign "Finally Alaska Bound'
bullet cars - pickup truck (antique) painted red & blue with mill & bridge
bullet cars - Pedal Tavern-Nashville (open vehicle w/beer & party people)
bullet cars - pirate car and festival in Boca Raton, Florida 2017
bullet cars - a car with green reflectors around the headlights
bullet cars - a van with a green face, and tongue hanging out
bullet cars - 1924 Rolls Royce in Michigan
bullet cars: old truck & a boat on top - 1st mail service to San Juans 1900
bullet cars: junky, weird, car in Fairbanks, Alaska
bullet cars: two old junky cars near Shannon Falls in British Columbia
bullet cars: 2 cars in Duluth, MN bouncing up & down & tipping side-to-side
bullet cars: a neatly painted car at Mesa Verde Nat'l Park in Colorado
bullet cars: Red Bull car in Philadelphia
bullet cars: Volkswagon covered with electronic parts and more
bullet cars: car and truck high in the sky in Libby, Montana
bullet cars: small car, unique - on the highway near Jacksonville, FL
bullet cars: U.S. Mail truck & the FedEx truck racing - & weird sayings
bullet cartoon - bear on a Segway
bullet cartoon paintings of a bear entering and RV & an outhouse
bullet cartoon painting on bar-Soldotna AK: hunters upside down
bullet cartoon - Karen got kissed by a moose in Talkeetna, Alaska
bullet cartoon - Karen got kiss/hug from a big bear - Porcupine Mtns
bullet cartoon - Karen and Lee on a Chicken Sled in Alaska
bullet cartoon - Karen, Lee, Kristen, Alex as an Eskimo
bullet cartoon - Karen and Lee in the Florida Keys
bullet cartoon - Karen & Lee-Grand Marais MN- World's Best Skizzle
bullet cartoon - Karen and Lee in Nipigon Nylons
bullet cartoon - Karen & Lee in a canoe - Hope BC
bullet cartoon - Karen & Lee as porcupines hiking Porcupine Mtn, MI
bullet cartoon - Karen is a 3-tiered pumpkin face
bullet cartoon - Karen & Lee dressed as Germans-Frankenmuth MI
bullet cartoon - Karen is Little Bo Peep in Frankenmuth, Michigan
bullet cartoon - Lee in a big boy chair
bullet cartoon - Lee as a giant chicken in Frankenmuth, Michigan
bullet cartoon - Lee on a polar bear in Anchorage, Alaska
bullet cartoon - Lee on a horse swing
bullet cartoon - Lee kissing a troll
bullet cartoon - Lee and grandson Alex-pirates, Catawaba Island OH
bullet cartoon - Lee and the Royal Mountie Moose in Vancouver
bullet cartoon - Lee is Rambo in Hope, BC, Canada
bullet cartoon - Lee with a giant hotdog and big ice cream cone
bullet cartoon - Karen-painted tram-big rocking chair & being bit by a monster
bullet cartoon - the two RV Gypsies in a float plane cartoon
bullet cartoon -Sponge Bob at Fisherman's Wharf in California
bullet cartoon - Sponge Bob and Lee Duquette in Florida, 2017
bullet carved poles in Lincoln City along Highway 101
bullet carvings, sculptures, art & murals are listed in a special section
bullet Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Arizona
bullet Castle Butte  & Big Muddy Valley in Saskatchewan, Canada
bullet Castle - Solomon's Castle and Art Gallery in Ona, Florida
bullet Cathedral of San Fernando in San Antonio, Texas
bullet Cat Boat tour, Lake Dora, Mount Dora FL
bullet Cat's Paw Winery in Rock Hill SC
bullet Catawba Falls, Arrowhead Monument and more in Old Fort NC
bullet Catwalk- New River Gorge Catwalk & Tunney Hunsaker Bridge
bullet Cave City, KY/ Kentucky Down Under, the Mystery House more
bullet cave comparison charts
bullet cave terminology - columns, pinnacles, balanced rocks
bullet Cave of the Winds, Niagara Falls - force of a class 1 hurricane
bullet caves - Carlsbad Caverns in NM (also a National Park)
bullet caves - Indian Echo Caverns in PA - and panning for gold
bullet caves - Jewel Cave in SD (part of a National Monument)
bullet caves - Kentucky Caverns (Mammoth Onyx Cave) in KY
bullet caves - Lava River Cave in Oregon
bullet caves - Lockport Cave/underground boat ride Erie Canal, NY
bullet caves - Louisville Mega Cavern and Zip line adventure
bullet caves - Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia - flashback to 2001
bullet caves - Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, Missouri
bullet caves - Mossy Cave/Water Canyon (part of Bryce Canyon NP)
bullet caves - Sea Lion Cave in Florence Oregon - 2013
bullet caves - Skyline Caverns in Front Royal, Virginia
bullet caves - Wind Cave in SD (part of a National Park)
bullet Cedar Key in Chiefland, Florida 2/8/13
bullet Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio 2011- videos
bullet Cedar Point Amusement Park - 2013 - Halloween
bullet Cedar of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, Tennessee
bullet Cedarhurst Sculpture Park - Mount Vernon - movie and photos
bullet Celebration: The two RV Gypsies' 53rd wedding anniversary
bullet CELEBRITIES- Elvin Hayes (Basketball Hall of Fame) & Dallas Seavey (Iditarod musher)
bullet cemetery - Daniel Boone's grave Frankfort KY-he has another in MO
bullet cemetery - Frankfort Cemetery in KY and the Mameluke sword
bullet cemetery - Veterans Cemetery-Cabrillo Nat'l Monument in CA
bullet Cenotapah (empty tomb) - San Antonio Alamo Cenotapah
bullet Center Street Bridge, Principal Riverwalk in Des Moines, Iowa
bullet ceramic birdhouse and more in Woodstock, New York
bullet Cerro Gordo County Wind Farm in Ventura, Iowa
bullet Chained Rock in KY as listed in
bullet chainsaw carving sculpture capitol of the world-Chetwynd, BC- 2009
bullet chainsaw carving competition in Chetwynd, BC - 2016
bullet Chapel in the Hills in Rapid City, plus a small Danish museum
bullet Chapel at Scandinavian Heritage Center in Minot, ND
bullet Chapel-Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel Marine Corp Museum
bullet Charlotte NC - downtown, plus Fourth Ward Neighborhood Park
bullet Chattanooga 2011-Lookout Mtn-Point Pk-Rock City-Ruby Falls-Incline
bullet Chattanooga 2014 -Lookout Mtn-Pt Park-Rock City-Ruby Falls-ChooChoo
bullet Chattanooga Riverboat Cruise - River Gorge Explorer & more - 2011
bullet Chautauqua Park in Beatrice, Nebraska
bullet Chautauqua's Wonder of Nature: Panama Rocks, Panama NY
bullet cheese shop - Osceola Cheese shop in Osceola, Missouri
bullet cheese factory - Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, OR
bullet Chena Hot Springs in Alaska - visit #1 - the ice house & more
bullet Chena Hot Springs in Alaska - visit #2 - family, horseback riding
bullet Chena Hot Springs in Alaska - visit #3 - 2016
bullet Chena Village (an Indian Village) visit via a day cruise - 2016
bullet Chesser Island Homestead in Georgia & Swamp Island Drive
bullet Cherry Blossom trees in Washington DC 2019
bullet Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada
bullet Chetwynd BC: chainsaw carving sculpture capital of world-2009
bullet Chetwynd chainsaw carving competition & winners - 2016
bullet Chicago city tour - September 30, 2009
bullet Chicken, AK mining dredges, Fortymile Caribou Herd /chickens
bullet chicken store - Otis Poultry Farm in Massachusetts
bullet Chiefland, Florida - manatees and more 2/8/13
bullet Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington (amazing)
bullet Chihuly Collection, St. Petersburg (not as big as one in Seattle)
bullet Children's Gardens at San Diego Botanical Garden
bullet Chimney Rock-2280 ft-& 26-story elevator shaft, & paintings - 2010
bullet Chimney Rock itself in 2018
bulletChimney Rock Village in Rutherford County, North Carolina - 2010.
bullet Chinatown in Philadelphia
bullet Chinatown in San Francisco
bullet Chinese New Year's Celebration 2012
bullet Chinese New Year's Celebration 2013
bullet chipmunks - are all listed under the Wildlife button
bullet Chiricahua Nat'l Monument in AZ (Wonderland of Rocks) 2008
bullet Chiricahua Nat'l Monument in AZ (different photos) 2012
bullet chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie on a stick
bullet chocolate waterfall, 20 ft high - largest of its kind in the world
bullet Chocolate World in Hershey, PA
bullet Christ of the Abyss at John Pennekamp State Park in FL
bullet Christmas store - World's largest - Bronner's, Frankenmuth MI
bullet Chugach National Forest trail of Blue Ice in Portage, Alaska
bullet city of 1- Population (1) in Olnes City, Alaska with two cabins
bullet clam chowder (award winning) Tony's in Cedar Key FL
bullet Clarksville, TN - murals, statues, history, war, Riverwalk & more
bullet Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run in Virginia
bullet Clermont, FL - Bee's RV Resort - wild turkeys & face on a tree
bullet Cleveland, Georgia
bullet Clear Lake city, Cerro Gordo County, IA with a lots of marinas
bullet Cliff Dwellings (Puye) in Santa Clara Canyon -Espanola, NM
bullet cliffs/tide pools at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego
bullet clocks with both hands moving constantly - BACKWARDS!
bullet clock - time-keeping creation - one of only three in the world
bullet columns, pinnacles, balanced rocks
bullet Cloudland Canyon-Rising Fawn, GA, 2 waterfalls & 1,200 stairs
bullet Coal Miner Monument in Minersville, Pennsylvania
bullet Coca-Cola - and old Coke truck
bullet Coca-Cola bottling works building in Lynchburg, Virginia
bullet Coca-Cola - Chattanooga World's first bottler sign
bullet coffee bus - double decker - in Oregon
bullet coffee houses in Alaska 2016
bullet Cog Railway - Pikes Peak - Colorado
bullet Colonel Armstrong - Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve

bullet Colonel Farm - Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Turkey Run VA

bullet Colorado River Recreation Area in Utah
bullet Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler: Champagne brunch cruise, OR
bullet Columbia Icefield on the Icefield Parkway in Alberta 2009
bullet Columbia Icefield, Discovery Center, glaciers, in Alberta - 2015
bullet Columbia Icefield and the Glacier Snowcoach Adventure
bullet Columbia River in Oregon
bullet Columbia River in Washington
bullet comedians (2 comedy shows) in the Pocono Mountains of PA
bullet Conchas Lake State Park in northeastern NM
bullet Confederate Park in Fort Mill, SC
bullet Confederate Salt Kettle
bullet Congaree National Park in South Carolina
bullet contest - Easter bonnet contest 2012
bullet contest - Easter bonnet contest 2015
bullet contest - Easter bonnet contest 2016
bullet contest - Easter Bonnet contest 2017
bullet contest Easter Bonnet contest 2018
(note Karen will not be returning to Florida to enter any more contests).
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day)2010 - Karen is green, face & all & wins
bullet contest (St Patrick's Day) 2011- greener than previous year- & wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2012 - green and blinking wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2013 - green Irish Angel wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2014-Pot of gold & large rainbow hat wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2015-all green with a tall, heavy hat- wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2016-Leprechaun Express Shamrock/baby
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2017- Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel - winner
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2018 - the Leprechaun wins
bullet contest (St. Patrick's Day) 2019 - a winner in SC
bullet contests (2) in 2017-most creative Holiday attire & ugly sweater in FL
bullet contests (2) in 2018-most creative holiday sweater (contest in SC)
Note: Halloween contests are listed under TOC-H for Halloween
bullet 45th Parallel of Latitude1/2 way between Equator & N. Pole: Yellowstone
bullet Continental Divide - border of Minnesota and SD - 977 feet
bullet Continental Divide - border of NM & AZ - 4,585 feet
bullet Continental Divide - Logan Pass - Glacier Nat'l Park in MT-6648 feet
bullet Continental Divide - Marias Pass in MT - elevation 5,216 ft
bullet Continental Divide - top of Pikes Peak - elevation 14,110 feet
bullet Continental Divide-Yellowstone 7,988 ft - 8,262 ft & 8,391 ft
bullet Continental Divide -Yukon Territory & map with route of CD
bullet Cooke Dam Pond - 544 stairs, Au Sable River, a Wanigan
bullet Cooper Nugget (very large) in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
bullet Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park & railway tunnels in BC
bullet Corbin, Kentucky - birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken
bullet corn maze: McCoard's Mystery Maze-Provo UT- Lee's birthday 2012
bullet Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota 2009
bullet Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota and Terry Fator - 2013
bullet Corn Palace Mitchell SD 2016 - some themes from past years
bullet Cosmos Mystery Area (Cabin) in Rapid City, SD - 2016
bullet Country Campers Music CD - the two RV Gypsies' RV on cover
bullet Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee
bullet Country Western Artists - 2015 Norwegian Sky Cruise
bullet covered bridge - longest & shortest covered bridges in the USA
bullet covered bridge - covered bridge capital of Ohio &100 miles driving
bullet covered bridge - covered bridge capital of the world-Parke County IN
bullet covered bridge - Beeson & Billie Creek Bridges, Parke Cty, IN
bullet covered bridge - Bridgeton Bridge, the most famous in IN
bullet covered bridge - Bogert's Bridge - Lehigh Valley tour in PA
bullet covered bridge - Cox Ford Covered Bridge, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Crooks Covered Bridge, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Cumberland County Bridge, Casey IL
bullet covered bridge - Doe River Covered Bridge in Elizabethton, TN
bullet covered bridge - Euharlee Covered Bridge in n.w. GA
bullet covered bridge - Everett Road Bridge in Cuyahoga Valley, OH
bullet covered bridge - Guth's Covered Bridge-Lehigh Valley tour PA
bullet covered bridge - Loeta Covered Bridge in Scott County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Jackson Bridge, longest single span in IN
bullet covered bridge - Melcher (Klondyke) Bridge, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - McAllisters Covered Bridge, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Narrows Covered Bridge, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Neet & Nevins Bridges, Parke County, IN
bullet covered bridge - Sheards Mill Covered Bridge in Tohickon, PA
bullet covered bridge - Wehr's Bridge - Lehigh Valley tour in PA
bullet covered bridge - West Cornwall Bridge in CT (2013 & 2014)
bullet covered bridge - West Union & Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge, IN
bullet covered bridge - Zehnder's Holz Covered Bridge in Frankenmuth, MI
bullet covered bridge city - historic Euharlee, Georgia
bullet covered wagon: horse-drawn covered-wagon ride/cook-out WY
bullet covered wagon: horse-drawn covered-wagon/dinner-Alaska
bullet Craddock Terry Shoe Co - 5th largest shoe co. in the world
bullet crampons and a walk on the Matanuska Glacier 2016
bullet Cranberry Festival in Wisconsin & a very busy country car
bullet Crater Lake Nat'l Park in Oregon and a most beautiful lake
bullet crater - Meteor Crater in AZ, 4,000 ft in diameter, 570 ft deep
bullet Crazy Creek Hot Springs and Cold Plunge Pool in BC
bullet crazy drivers that should be arrested
bullet Crazy Horse Memorial
bullet crepes at Tunnel of Trees in Good Hart Michigan
bullet Cross Garden - Hell's Warning Label in Prattville, Alabama
bullet Crowders Mountain State Park hike in NC
bullet cruise - Apostle Island/sea caves cruise, sunsets Lake Superior
bullet cruise - Discovery Cruise to and Indian Village in Alaska - 2016
bullet cruise - Essex River Cruise in Massachusetts
bullet cruise - Norwegian Getaway w/radio station WSRZ 107.9 2014
bullet cruise-Norwegian Sky Country Western Cruise-31 artists 2015
bullet cruises to glaciers: Stan Stephens Glacier Cruise, Valdez 2009
bullet cruises to glaciers: Stan Stephens Glacier Cruise, Valdez 2016
bullet crypt of John Paul Jones in Annapolis, Maryland
bullet Cudjoe Key, Florida
bullet Cultus Lake in British Columbia, Canada
bullet Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY trip one - October 7, 2009
bullet Cumberland Falls 125-ft waterfall famous for its moonbow/rafting trip
bullet Cumberland Gap National Park in KY, TN, & VA - the tri-cities
bullet Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, Tennessee
bullet Cumberland Riverwalk at McGregor Park in Clarksville, TN
bullet Cummins Northwest RV Repair, Fairbanks, Alaska
bullet Cunningham Falls in Thurmont, Maryland
bullet cupcakes and birdhouses in Woodstock, New York
bullet Custer SP SD : 1-lane tunnels, needles, bison, & donkeys
bullet Custer State Park in SD - 2016 - lots of bison
bullet Custer Village, SD and lots of painted bison
bullet Cypress Trees-1 of the oldest/largest cypress trees in US/Big Tree Park
bullet Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Burns, Oregon
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