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Grizzly Bear Campground & more
For the first time since the two RV Gypsies became full-time RVers, they had some property stolen while at a campground. While at Grizzly Bear Campground in Denali, Alaska two new, expensive lounge chairs were stolen from their camp site. BUMMER!
unhappy face
the RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies in their new yard
sign - Denali Grizzly Bear campground
Girizzly Bear campground office
Lee Duquette and his grandson
Karen Duquette and her granddaughter
the two RV Gypsies
a picnic in the RV park
a picnic in the RV park
Karen warmed her hands
Karen warming her hands
cooking marshmellows
Grizzly Bear Campground also had a hotel on the same property for the family of the two RV Gypsies.
Renee at the door of her hotel room
A river behind the hotel
A river behind the hotel
mother and son
the river
Renee and Alex
Renee by a cabin up the hill
There was also a hotel across the street from the Grizzly Bear Campground with some beautiful flowers.
flower and bud
Ptilotus Joey otherwise known as Pink Mulla Mulla are large bottlebrush flowers that glistened silver with a darker neon pink near the tips and it blooms continuously.
Ptilotus 'Joey"
Pink Mulla Mulla
a honey bee in the flowers
a Honey bee in the flower
a Honey bee in the flower
Alex and his new hats
Alex and his new hats
Alex and his new hats

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August 2009

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