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The two RV Gypsies visited
the famous Royal Gorge Park
in Canon, Colorado
August 30, 2012

sign: welcome to Collegiate peakssign: Welcome to Royal Gorge Bridge and Parksign: Entering Royal Gorge Park
panorama of the scenery

The train next to the parking lot at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Colorado's Natural Wonder.

train at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
train at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

The two RV Gypsies entered into the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, and saw a time-keeping creation that is one of only three in the world, and the only one in Colorado. Its splashing water cascades from bucket to bucket, keeping track of every minute of the day. Located in front of the Visitors Center, its flowers and lush plantings make this one of the favorite photo opportunities in the Park.

Lee Duquette at the water clock
Karen Duquette at the water clock at Royal Gorge

The first thing the two RV Gypsies did upon entering the park was to ride the aerial tram.

Engineering Facts of the Royal Gorge Aerial Tramway:

  • Built in 1968 at a cost of $350,000

  • Length: 2,200 feet

  • Height above Arkansas River: 1,178 feet

  • Power: direct current motor - Auxiliary gasoline emergency standby engine

  • Maximum speed: 11.4 mph

  • Track cables weigh over seven tons each

  • More than two miles of cables utilized in tramway system

  • Safety: wind-warning gauges working at all times; tram will not operate during severe weather or gusty winds

sign: Royal Gorge Aerial Tramway
sign: Royal Gorge Aerial Tramway

The Royal Gorge Aerial Tram arrived to pick up the two RV Gypsies and other passengers.

The Royal Gorge Aerial Tram
The Royal Gorge Aerial Tram

The two RV Gypsies looked down into the gorge at the Arkansas River from inside the aerial tram. It is one of the most massive gorges in the world.

The Gorge was created some three million years ago when a trickle of water first began to slowly carve a canyon out of the solid granite bedrock. Today that trickle is the raging Arkansas River, one of America's longest rivers. And the masterpiece that it continues to carve at a rate of one foot every 2,500 years is the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado.

The Royal Gorge is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River. Yet it is unlike any other canyon. The width at the canyon bottom is no more than 40 to 50 feet, while the top measures only a few hundred feet wide.

the gorge
the gorge and Arkansas River
the gorge and Arkansas River
the gorge and Arkansas River

Looking out from the side of the aerial tram to get a view of the suspension bridge.

the suspension bridge
the suspension bridge
the suspension bridge
the suspension bridge
the suspension bridge

While riding on the aerial tram across the gorge, Lee Duquette took an awe-inspiring panoramic photo of one of the world’s highest suspension bridges that hangs 956 feet high and spans a quarter mile across the canyon.

panorama of the suspension bridge

Looking across the gorge towards the other side, while on the aerial tram. The item that looks sort of like a goal post is the Royal Rush Skycoaster. (more about the Skycoaster later on)

gorge and Skycoaster
end of the tram ride
looking across the gorge
the gorge
Royal Gorge

Looking back at the starting point, from about half-way across the gorge on the aerial tram.

tram starting point

The aerial tram arrived at the other side of the gorge. The elevation at this point is 6,807 feet.

The aerial tram arrives at the other side of the gorge

After getting off the aerial tram, the two RV Gypsies took a short walk down a sidewalk, and climbed up a few stairs to a platform for a different perspective of the surrounding scenery.

gorge and skycoaster
suspension bridge
suspension bridge
Lee Duquette

White American Bison in the wildlife area

White American Bison
White American Bison
look below

There are a lot of photos to this site, and a lot of information about Royal Gorge Bridge and park. So this section has been divided up into several web pages, to allow the photos to upload much faster.

Please continue on to learn about the Suspension Bridge,
the Incline Railway, the Skycoaster, and the zipline.