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Riverside International Friendship Gardens
in La Crosse, Wisconsin
June 23, 2012

At the entrance to the Chinese Garden on the banks of the Mississippi River, the moon gate is topped by two granite dragons from Lu Yung China. There are four different symbols throughout the Chinese Garden that stand for love, wisdom, tranquility, and harmony. 

the moon gate is topped by two granite dragons

The pond, bridge, and a bird on the rock in the Chinese Garden.
a pond, bridge, and a bird on the rock
a pond, bridge, and a bird on the rock
the Chinese Garden
There are four different gardens in the Riverside International Friendship Gardens: Chinese, French, German, and Russian.
Friendship Gardens
decorated pelican
Mississippi River
The carved trolls by Bernard Schank look mighty happy peeking around shrubs as they nestle near the waterfall.
waterfall and troll
waterfall and troll
Karen Duquette kissed a troll and the troll sure has a happy look on his face.
Karen Duquette kisses a trolllaughing gif
a happy troll
the French Garden a Weeping Birch Tree: Betula pendula is primarily a cultivated species in Wisconsin.
the French Garden
a Weeping Birch Tree
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Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
Riverside Park in La Crosse
Riverside International Friendship Gardens
Sunfish Capital of the World
Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden in Cochrane, Wisconsin
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