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map of Minnesota showing location of Grand Marais and Cooke County

The two RV Gypsies
drove their RV from Ontario, Canada
into Grand Marais, Minnesota 
June 29, 2013

Canada-USA bordercrossing sign
Canada border inspection sign
Grand Portage Port of Entry sign
entering Central Standard time zone sign
Welcome to Minnesota sign
Welcome to Minnesota sign
Grand Portage Indian Reservation sign
Grand Marais sign
Grand Marais pizzas sign

Grand Marais is a city in Cook County, Minnesota, United States. Grand Marais is French for “Great Marsh,” referring to a marsh which in early fur-trading times was 20 acres or less in area, nearly at the level of Lake Superior, and situated at the head of the little bay and harbor that led to the settlement of the village there. Another small bay on the east, less protected from storms, is separated from the harbor by a slight projecting point and a short beach. In allusion to the two bays, the Ojibwe name for the area is Gichi-biitoobiig which means "great duplicate water" or "parallel body of water" or "double body of water" (like a bayou), a reference to the two bays which form the large harbor off Lake Superior.

Grand Marais flag

The two RV Gypsies ate at the Harbor House Grille and the food was excellent. From their table on the patio, the two RV Gypsies had a wonderful view of the lighthouse. The food was so good that Lee returned to the Harbor House Grille for breakfast the next morning. He was glad he got there early, because by the time he finished breakfast, the restaurant was very busy with lots of patrons. (Karen was still sleeping). The two RV Gypsies highly recommend Harbor House Grille in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Harbor House Grille Restaurant

A bronze sculpture by Paul Granlund
entitled "The Swimmers"- (in need of repair)

Another view of the lighthouse

A bronze sculpture
sign about the Bear Tree
The Bear Tree

The two RV Gypsies sat on a bench and enjoyed the view of Lake Superior, while calling their daughter Renee and wishing her a Happy Birthday. That is the only hard part of being RV Gypsies and travelling - missing the family and family functions.

Lake Superior
a rock telling about Lake Superior

The two RV Gypsies were not sure what the sign below means, but the tin man behind the sign caught their attention as they were driving to Temperance State Park.

daniel's Ridge sign
tin man sculpture

laughing dude clipartBelow: Karen Duquette "skizzled" and glowed in the presence of Lee, the World's Best Everything.

awesomeThe two RV Gypsies
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in Grand Marais, Minnesota
June 29, 2013

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Grand Marais & its lighthouse

Grand Marais RV Park / lighthouse

Temperance River State Park and Falls

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