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The two RV Gypsies
enjoy Holidays, fun and weird times
with family and friends

enjoy your life
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What on Earth ???

scary child scary stuff
scary stuff hot stuffKaren Duquette

Below: Easter 2019 with the great-grandchildren.divider bar

Easter basket's 2019
Lee Duquette and his great-grandchildren
Karen Duquette and her great-grandchildren
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The two RV Gypsies' granddaughter's birthday May 6, 2019

the granddaughter of the two RV Gypsies the two RV Gypsiess' great-grandson
Karen Duquette the two RV Gypsies

Mother's Day 2019 - Thank you daughter and son-in-law. (Lee does not think a husband needs to celebrate Mother's Day to his wife - only to his own mother). Karen is very annoyed by that and thinks it is wrong and hurtful. After all, he is the one that made her a mother, so it should be celebrated.

Mother's Day cake Mother's Day flower from daughter

Tomato plant - what a thoughtful gift!

tomato plant
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Cinco de Mayo party - Best Outfit

Karen Duquette Karen Duquette
Karen Duquette
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Karen went to two Red Nose Day parties - May 2019 -

Karen Duquette and her red nose Karen Duquette and her red nose
The red nose dancers

Karen and her friend Heather who used to live near her in Florida and now lives in NC.

Lee tries a modern device
for the the first time.

Karen Duquette and Heather Lee Duquette
USA flag

Somebody likes to celebrate the USA in a big way!

USA car USA car

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Granddaughter's Wedding Day

Kids with their Great-Grandfather
and their Grandfather. Their Dad was at work.

wedding day 3-generations
retirement dance sign therapy dance sign
Karen Duquette at a line dance Karen Duquette dancing

Lazy days

a cute little house rainbow and flag
two birds bird
rabbit rabbit
rabbit staring contest
squirrel squirrel

The two RV Gypsies miss their son Brian Duquette every day, but once again, another year passes that Brian does not get to celebrate his birthday and another July 4th coming up that Karen will not celebrate.

grieving sign enjoy every day sign
death sign Brian Lee Duquette

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