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Historic Route 66 sign
The two RV Gypsies drove on the
famous Route 66
to get to Tucumcari, New Mexico

July 14, 2012
The Two RV Gypsies photographed murals in Tucumcari, New Mexico. There were 25+ murals (some were doubles) but some were located inside businesses that were closed for the day, and some had cars parked in front of them, and a few just couldn't be found by The Two RV Gypsies on this date.
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"Old West Town" at Kiva AOK RV Park on Route 66
"James Dean" at the
Blue Swallow Motel
on Route 66
Old West Town mural on Route 66
James Dean mural on Route 66
"66 Eyes on Route 66"
A female was sitting in her parked car right in front of the mural shown below. She stared at Karen as Karen got out of her truck and struggled to photograph part of the mural with photographing her and her car.
66 Eyes on Route 66 mural on Route 66
"Elvis and Cadillac"
on Route 66
"The Dodge and the Cowboy" located on Route 66 (couldn't photo the whole thing and Lee didn't do a panorama)
Elvis and Cadillac mural on Route 66
The Dodge and the Cowboy mural on Route 66
"Daylight Train" located on Route 66
(Lee had to take a panorama in order to get most of it in a photograph)
Daylight Train mural on Route 66
"Tucumcari Lumber"
(Again, Karen only photographed a small portion of the mural because of all the cars parked in front of the building)
part of the Tucumcari Lumber mural
"Conchas Dam & Lake"
Conchas Dam & Lake mural
"Ranch Scene"
Ranch Scene mural
scene at VFW building
"In Memory of Moynihan" & "Pilot"
Patriotic mural at VFW building
Pilot mural
Blessed mural
"The Legendary Road"
located on Route 66
"Welcome to Tucumcari"
The Legendary Road mural on route 66
Welcome to Tucumcari mural
"Where's My Horse #1" "Where's My Horse #2"
Where's My Horse #1 mural
Where's My Horse #2 mural
"Quay County" "Youth Mural"
Quay County mural
Youth Mural
The painted street on which the above "Youth Mural" was located.
painted street
Below: The Tucumcari Convention Center and a big Route 66 monument (not part of the murals)
sign: The Tiucumcari Convention Center
a big Route 66 monument
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The Two RV Gypsies took a ride to Conchas Lake State Park:

Conchas Lake is a 25-mile long reservoir in northeastern New Mexico, behind Conchas Dam on the Canadian River. The lake has an elevation of 4,200 feet and a surface area of 9,600 acres.

Conchas Dam was completed in 1939 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

sign: Conchas Lake Corps of Engineers Albuquerque
sign: Conchas Lake State Park
Conchas Lake
Conchas Lake is beautiful, but the Two RV Gypsies did not realize that although it is a state park, it is only for boaters and campers. There was limited area to drive or walk around to take photographs. The tourist brochures advertise coves, canyons, sandy beaches, petroglyphs, and ancient rock formations. But the Two RV Gypsies did not see any of those things.
Conchas Lake
Conchas Lake
Conchas Lake
Lee Duquette at Conchas Lake
Conchas Lake
Conchas Lake State Park
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