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The two RV Gypsies were driving along in Massachusetts
when they saw lots of chicken signs
and decided to stop at the chicken store -
Otis Poultry Farm
1570 North Main Road (Route 8)
Otis, Massachusetts

September 29, 2014
soda sign
Lee Duquette and two big chickens

Otis Poultry Farm has been a family working poultry farm since 1904. It started by selling eggs and chickens, then the second generation added a few staples such as bread, cheese, and milk. The third generation added a large country store along with the chicken and eggs. All pies were home-made with fresh fruit and only the finest ingredients. Candy was packaged here on the farm. The fudge was also home-made fudge. There was a large selection of sugar free products, including the fudge, candy, cookies and pies for those on restricted diets. There were 5 sizes of chicken and turkey pies, with or without vegetables. Each pie was loaded with chunks of chicken or turkey, creamy gravy, and a tender flaky crust.

(Note: the two RV Gypsies bought the chicken pot pie with veggies and it was really loaded with peas. But it was like eating a soup because the broth in the pie was very thin and runny.)

There was also an extensive wine selection, gourmet foods, many varieties of local cheeses, cheese spreads, plus sheep skin slippers and moccasins, maple products, candles, and many other gift items.

part of the side of the store
part of the side of the store
chicken and maple syryp
chicken poop for sale
funny sign
12 eggs in a dozen
custom laid eggs sign

The two RV Gypsies had fun browsing the store and also bought a bunch of stuff. It was a fun stop.

bottle of wine
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in Massachusetts;
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Otis Poultry Farm "The Chicken Store"

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