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British Columbia
May 18, 2009
On May 18, 2009 the two RV Gypsies visited Vancouver BC. They have also been in Vancouver in May of 2004 via a cruise ship. Karen will look for the 2004 photos and post them here with the new photos when they are located. But for now enjoy the 2009 photos.
Karen and a painted eagle
Karen and a painted eagle
Karen and 3 painted eagles
a cruise ship
Lee Duquette and the Royal Mountie Moose
Lee and a royal mounty
Gastown sign
steam clock
A great steam clock
steam clock
steam clock
steam clock
sign for Smart Mouth cafe
The two RV Gypsies ate at this Greek Restaurant in 2004 and really loved it, so they ate here again in 2009 and discovered that the food is still great.

Scoozis eatery

Can you see Lee's reflection as he takes the photo? Karen's reflection is in the window also

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