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map of Arizona showing location of Willcox
The two RV Gypsies visited Willcox, Arizona
July 20, 2012
Just before entering the State of Arizona, the two RV Gypsies crossed over the Continental Divide.
sign: Continental Divide
Sign: Arizona State Line
sign: Arizona centennial
The mountains seen as the two RV Gypsies entered Arizona are quite unique. The scenery kept changing. These were photographed from the moving RV.
beautiful mountains in Arizona
more beautiful mountains in Arizona
Cacti at the Arizona rests stop and a crop plane circling the roadway
cacti at the Arizona rest stop
a crop plane circling the roadway
Below: Big Tex BBQ Restaurant in Willcox, Arizona: Situated in an old red railroad car at 130 E. Maley Street in Willcox and in the immediate vicinity of the Willcox Historic District and the old train depot (which is now the Willcox City Hall). While Barbecue (Bar-B-Que or BBQ) appears to be their specialty, the menu included a number of other western and traditional American casual dining meal and sandwich selections. The two RV Gypsies were not that happy with their meal, but they loved the indoor decor.
Big Tex BBQ Restaurant in Willcox, Arizona
sign: Cowboy parking only
Karen Duquette inside the BBQ restaurant in Willcox, Arizona
Karen Duquette inside the BBQ restaurant in Willcox, Arizona
Karen Duquette inside the BBQ restaurant in Willcox, Arizona
Below is a photo of a painted hand saw that was hung over the inside doorway of the restaurant.
a painted hand saw hanging over the doorway of the restaurant
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Willcox, Arizona
and the BBQ Restaurant (this page)
Fort Willcox RV Park
and the roadrunner
Chiricahua National Monument The double rainbow
and the deer encounter
Saguaro National Park Sabino Canyon
Travel and Casa Grande Ruins Amazing scenery
Fry's London Bridge
Parker Dam Lake Havasu Island
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