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awesomeThe two RV Gypsies watched a rainbow grow and turn into a double rainbow - (see rainbows, deer & cows below)
sad faceThe two RV Gypsies were travelling on Arizona Highway 186 in Willcox, Arizona, going to Chiricahua National Monument, when a deer ran into the side of their truck. Suddenly they heard a loud thud. Lee stopped the truck and saw a deer roll over and disappear. Lee checked around and the deer was nowhere to be seen, so it must have been okay. Can't say the same for the two RV Gypsies' truck, although it was able to be driven.
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happy faceSo the two RV Gypsies continued on down the road, heading towards Chiricahua National Monument, when Karen noticed a small piece of a rainbow in the sky.
a small piece of a rainbow in the sky.
a small piece of a rainbow in the sky.
The rainbow kept growing bigger and bigger, so the two RV Gypsies pulled off to the side of the road to watch the rainbow grow. They were in the only vehicle on the road.
The rainbow kept growing bigger
rainbow and the road
Then the two RV Gypsies noticed the start of another rainbow just above the original rainbow.clipart - coolHow cool is that - a double rainbow. And the original rainbow just kept growing bigger.
the start of another rainbow
rainbow is almost full size
Now the double rainbow has also grown bigger.
the original raibow
the double rainbow has also grown bigger
The clouds were so dark and thick, that the upper rainbow was often hidden from sight, but it was still there.
rainbow and the road rainbow and the road
two rainbows two rainbows
The original rainbow reached the ground. Look closely, the upper rainbow is faint because it is in the clouds, but look how much bigger it has grown - almost to full size.
The original rainbow reaches the ground two full size rainbows
double rainbows
double rainbows
double rainbows
double rainbows
panorama of the rainbow
full rainbow
As the two RV Gypsies continued to drive on down the road, they saw several cows crossing the road. Thank goodness the cows wandered slowly across the road instead of jumping out of nowhere. It would have been a lot worse if a cow had damaged the truck instead of the deer. The two RV Gypsies loved the fact that the roads were never busy.
cow in the road cow
cows cow
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