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The two RV Gypsies cruised
on Captain Memo's Pirate Ship
25 Causeway Boulevard #3
Clearwater Beach, Florida
October 13, 2015

I'm Having more fun than you are sign
do not sit on ropes sign

The two RV Gypsies sailed away with Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise through the calm waters of the picturesque Gulf of Mexico to a world complete with briny buccaneers and seafaring seadogs.

Captain Memo's Pirate Ship code of conduct sign

ABOUT THE SHIP: The Pirate’s Ransom was custom designed and built to U.S. Coast Guard requirements for the owners in 1993. The ship is equipped with all of the latest life saving equipment, including life jackets, life rafts, ship-to-shore radio, Clean washrooms, plus a professional sound system with a large state of the art sound system. The vessel is certified to carry 125 passengers. Its overall length is 70'5", beam 20'3", and draft 5'5". The power is that of twin Detroit Diesels, 180 hp plus electrical power of two Northern Lights 60kw generators.

Captain Memo's Pirate Ship Captain Memo's Pirate Ship and 2 cre members
masthead Pirates only sign
Lee Duquette by the Dungeon water gun fight
Karen Duquette and Captain Memo no unattended kids sign
poop deck Captain Memo
Karen Duquette Lee Duquette
Captain Memo driving Captain Memo's Pirate Ship

The two RV Gypsies got lost in the pirate antics during their two hour odyssey including a treasure hunt, face painting, water gun games, and pirate stories. It was fun watching the children laugh and play. The two RV Gypsies did get to join in on the water fun games though,

people on the pirate ship Captain Memo's Pirate Ship
mast mast
scenery scemery
Lee Duquette and pirate buddies Lee Duquette

The two RV Gypsies sport their new pirate look. Arghh!

Karen the pirate Lee the pirate

The two RV Gypsies enjoyed refreshing, complimentary beverages served by friendly pirates. The pirates offered a choice of free beer, wine, champagne or soda, plus there was a full service bar where other choices could be purchased.

Karen Duquette having fun Lee watching the water gun fight

Playful Dolphins

Playful Dolphin Playful Dolphins
Playful Dolphins\ Playful Dolphin
Playful Dolphins Playful Dolphin
Playful Dolphins Playful Dolphins

The two RV Gypsies had a great time sailing with Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise. The crew was fantastic, the weather great, the ship comfortable.

boat name: Pirates Ranson a bid for tips
pirate cruise certificate pirate cruise certificate

Saying bye-bye to new friends; Tina and her daughter.

Lee, Tina and her daughter Tina and her daughter
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