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Crazy Creek Hot Springs
6162 Trans-Canada Highway 1
Malakwa, British Columbia, Canada
Hot Pools Open everyday 9:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.
August 6, 2015
' 1.855.836.4097

The two RV Gypsies visited the Hot Pools and Cool Pools of Crazy Creek near Revelstoke... the newest hot pools in BC. Surrounded by natural beauty, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed four modern contoured pools totaling over 2,000 square feet. They got to choose between a swimming pool temperature, a hot steamy soak, or one in-between, plus the awesome cold plunge pool. There was ample parking immediately adjacent to the hot springs (accessible from HWY 1). Crazy Creek also offers camping, suites, modern shower and change facility plus suit/towel rental and sales. Hot Pools facility admission fees apply to day visitors as well as to overnight guests.

Crazy Creek Resort sign

The water at the pool is geothermally heated and perfectly clear and warm. It is the ideal spot to unwind and get re-invigorated. Located halfway between Calgary & Vancouver along the Trans Canada Highway 1, the glacier fed 3 hot pools & cold plunge pool, boast beautiful mountain scenery. These relaxing outdoor pools are geothermally heated & offer a heated deck in winter & shower rooms.

the three pools at Crazy Creek Hot Springs the middle pool is the hottest pol
Karen in the hot springs steamy hot springs pool

The water at Crazy Creek Hot Pools is drawn from a well with the source coming from the base of Eagle Pass Mountain then geothermally heated and conditioned. The beautiful glacial blue water is pristine and clear. It is sulphur-free and contains the usual minerals. No smell. Karen loved watching people jump into the cold plunge pool, SCREAM, and scurry out. Karen did jump in it (twice actually), and her feet immediately froze. Lee did not try it; he stuck to the medium temperature pool, and spent most of his time relaxing under a cabana.

the deck area Canadian flag and pool temperature sign

It was a nice relaxing day, and it even rained a little bit while Karen was in the hot pool.

no smoking sign the three pools
look below

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