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The two RV Gypsies
at Raven Rock State Park
3009 Raven Rock Road
Lillington, NC 27586
(Harnett County)
July 20, 2021

USA map showing location of North Carolind

Welcome to Lillington sign
Lillington Community on the Cape Fear sign
Lillington billboard
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Below: The very long dirt road leading to Raven Rock State Park. At one point there was a wide, flowing stream of water running across the dirt road. As the two RV Gypsies drove their car through the flowing water, they discovered that there was a nasty dip in the road right where the water was flowing. So on the way back, they found another route, even though the GPS tried to make them go on that dirt road again.

nasty, dirty, hilly, dirt road a wide, flowing stream of water

Raven Rock State Park covers 4,810 acres along the banks of Cape Fear River. The  Visitor Center had a hummingbird feeder with two hummingbirds in the window.

Raven Rock State Park Sign Hummingbirds
trail sign deer
deer deer

Below: The trail often had stumps, big and small, sticking up that could easily cause a person to trip. And several parts of the trail were quite muddy.

stumps, big and small Lee Duquette on a muddy trail

Below:  Two views off to the side of the trail

view off to the side of the trail view off to the side of the trail

Below: First, the two RV Gypsies came to a down slope with planks forming stairs. Then they came to a real steep set of 100 stairs (one way). Of course, they had to go up the same 100 stairs later.

Llee Duquette on the trail 100 stairs down

Below: The two RV Gypsies made it to the end of the trail and the big Raven Rock which was formed throughout the ages by flowing waters and swirling winds that gradually eroded the land. The rock was originally called Patterson's Rock for an early settler who found refuge there when his canoe capsized nearby. In 1854, its name was changed to Raven Rock, inspired by the sight of ravens on the rock ledges.

Raven Rock Raven Rock and the river

Raven Rock is a 150-foot high and 1-mile long rock formation along the river.

Lee Duquette at Raven Rock
The two RV Gypsies at Raven Rock The two RV Gypsies at Raven Rock

Below: a mushroom in the woods

The bottom part of an interesting tree.

mushroom in the woods unique tree trunk

The Raven Rocks Loop splits up into two directions. The other direction leads to an overlook, a small man-made stone structure high above the Cape Fear River, giving a view of the river and the underdeveloped woodlands.

Cape Fear River Cape Fear River
Cape Fear River

The Dairy Freeze at 1268 N. Main Street, Lillington NC 27546

On this date, the Dairy Freeze let people come inside to order, but could not eat inside. They did not have Peanut Butter ice cream, which is Karen's favorite flavor. The Ice Cream sundae had one squirt of hot chocolate on it and one squirt of whip cream, but no cherry. The ice cream in both the sundae, and Lee's cone  was very "watery" - in other words, not creamy at all. They would definitely not recommend this place.

Dairy Freeze

Driving through Benson, NC, Karen Duquette quickly snapped a photo of a mural that caught her eye.

Benson postcard billboard

look below

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