Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

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bullet face on a tree at Bee's RV Resort Clermont, Florida plus wild turkeys
bullet Face in a flower-Bird Face at Hatcher Garden in Spartanburg SC
bullet factory - Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon
bullet Fairbanks Airport 2016
bullet Fairbanks AK - murals/monuments/gardens/cruises, pow wow
bullet Fairbanks Alaska - 84 degrees, statues, sculptures, a time capsule - 2009
bullet fall foliage in Arkansas
bullet fall foliage in Cleveland, Georgia
bullet fall foliage in Connecticut - October 2013
bullet fall foliage in Connecticut - September 2014
bullet fall foliage in Corbin, KY
bullet fall foliage in Massachusetts - September 2014
bullet fall foliage at Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming - 2012
bulletfall foliage - Minnewaska State Park in New Paltz, New York -
bullet fall foliage at the Natural Bridge in KY - 2011
bullet fall foliage in Pennsylvania - 9/27/11
bullet fall foliage in Pennsylvania 2014
bullet fall foliage in Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC - 2018
bullet fall foliage at Rocky Mountain National Park in CO
bullet fall foliage seen from the Walkway Over The Hudson River in NY
bullet Falls of the Ohio State Park - Clarksville, Indiana
bullet Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD
bullet Falls Park on the Reedy-Greenville SC-waterfall in the middle of a city park
bullet family - boating in Naples, Florida for Father's Day 2018
bullet family - Duquette family in CT - 2008 -flute maker & WWII POW veteran-a real hero
bullet family - Duquette family in CT in 2011
bullet family - Duquette family in CT (including Aunt Clara) - 2017
bullet family - Duquette family farm and the bees in Tennessee - 2017
bullet family - Duquette family farm in 2018 - extracting the honey & more
bullet family - Holidays 2010, a 7 pound lobster, green contest winner, more
bullet family - Holidays 2011 - Halloween 2011 through Easter 2012
bullet family - Holidays 2012 - Thanksgiving 2012 through Easter 2013
bullet family - Holidays 2013 - Halloween 2013 through April 2014
bullet family - Holidays 2014 - November & December in Florida (2 pages)
bullet family - Holidays 2015-contests, New Years Eve, canoes
bullet family - Holidays 2016 - October-December 2016 in Florida
bullet family - Holidays 2017- October - December 2017 in Florida
bullet family - Holidays 2018 - New Years though Easter
bullet family - the great-grandchildren of the two RV Gypsies - 2016
bullet family - Karen's cousins in CT in 2011
bullet family - Karen's cousins wedding - Tiffany and Shawn - 2014
bullet family - Karen's cousins in CT - 2017
bullet family - Ron & Colleen's 40th Anniv. Party in Shelton, CT 2017
bullet family - Karen's cousins in Pennsylvania- 2008
bullet family - Karen's cousins in New Milford, PA - 2011
bullet family - Karen's cousins in New Milford, PA - 2013
bullet family - Karen's cousin, Penny Mutter - 2014
bullet family - Karen's sister, niece, and nephews in California - 2009
bullet family - Karen's sister, nieces, nephews in CA - 2012
bullet family - Karen's Niece's wedding in California 7/25/17
bullet family - Karen's sister and nephew in Beatrice Nebraska - 2012
bullet family wedding - The daughter of the two RV Gypsies
bullet famous landmark - Legs Inn - art and carvings in Cross Village, MI
bullet famous people - country artists - Neal McCoy, Joe Nichols and more
bullet famous people - Dallas Seavey - famous Iditarod racer 2009
bullet famous people - Elvin Hayes- Houston Rockets Basketball Hall of Fame
bullet famous people - Guy Fieri and Lee Duquette in Atlantic City, NJ
bullet famous people - Joe's Scarecrow Village, Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia
bullet famous people - Tiny Tim in Atlantic City, NJ
bullet Fargo ND- Fargo Walk of Fame plus "THE Woodchipper" 6/6/12
bullet farm - Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run in Virginia
bullet Farm in Brighton, TN and the bee hives 2010
bullet Farm in Brighton, Tennessee 2018 & honey extraction
bullet- Father's Day 2018 - boating in Naples, Florida
bullet figurines in the rainforest at San Diego Botanical Gardens
bullet Firefighter's Prayer - a monument in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
bullet fire hydrants; painted beautifully in McBride, BC, Canada
bullet fire station/truck-very small in Houston AK-btm of Talkeetna page
bullet fire tower 100 ft tall-Aiton Heights Fire Tower/Itasca State Pk MN
bullet First Blood, Rambo: Hope, British Columbia, Canada
bullet fish chart - fish in the Assiniboine River in Canada
bullet fish identification signs in Point Edward, Ontario, Canada
bullet fish jumping in Moricetown, British Columbia, Canada
bullet fish (salmon) jumping upstream in Seward, Alaska
bullet fish jumping into boat sign - Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
bullet fish hanging from a bridge in Maine
bullet fish hatchery in Valdez, Alaska
bullet fish hatchery /fish got beat over the head with a baseball bat
bullet fish market throwing fish Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, WA
bullet fishway-Boulevard Lake Fishway-Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
bullet Fisheating Creek-palm dale FL & family-a canoe trip in the rain
bullet Fisherman's Memorial-Homer Spit in AK/monument to those lost at sea
bullet Fisherman's Wharf in California
bullet Fishermen in the waters of Soldotna AK-fishing not allowed from shore
bullet Fit, Harvey & Opus 40 - the Quarryman's Museum in New York
bullet Flaming Fountain to honor veterans in SD.
bullet flash flood in the Valley of Fire in Nevada
bullet flashback to 1975 - South of the Border with Renee and Brian
bullet flashback 2005 Tallulah Falls GA-Wallenda walked on a high wire
bullet flat tire on the RV in McBride, British Columbia, Canada
bullet floating golf green in Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

bullet floatplane/sea plane adventure in AK a scary surprise

bullet flood monument 1997, 1897, 1979, 1882 & 1996 in ND and MN
bullet flood level-Suwannee Music Park Oak FL 1973 1984 1998, 86
bullet flood level - Great Flood of 1937 in Louisville, KY
bullet flood of 1993 in Hannibal, Missouri
bullet flood of May 201-Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park in ARK
bullet flood wall by Ohio River and Holders's Landing, Huntington WV
bullet Florida Keys
bullet flowers in botanical gardens are in TOC-Gardens
bullet flower clock in Frankfort, Kentucky
bullet flowers - big sunflowers at Bruneau Canyon Overlook in Idaho
bullet flowers - flowers in Alaska
bullet flowers - Delta City, Colorado
bullet flowers - Dirty Sock Flower in Olympic National Park
bullet flowers - Lady Slippers
bullet flowers-black pansy-Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan-Home of the Giant
bullet flowers - Pitcher plant (traps insects & extracts nutrients from them
bullet flowers & bees in Denali, Alaska
bullet flowers and bees in Indiana
bullet flowers and bees in the Red Spring Area in Nevada
bullet flowers at Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC
bullet flowers at the Michigan Welcome Center at border of Indiana
bullet flower and a bee in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
bullet flowers and bees in Wisconsin
bullet flowers and a bee in Whistler, British Columbia
bullet flowers on a mountain road
bullet flowers in Pierre, SD at Capitol Lake
bullet flower pot/telescope-Flower Bowl Kaleidoscope-Frankenmuth MI
bullet flowers at Wolf Park in Indiana
bullet flowers in Woodstock, NY

bullet flute maker

bullet Fogerty Creek along Highway 101 on Oregon's coast
bullet Folk Art Center, Calhoun, GA - miniature buildings of stone, shells
bulletfood - funky hamburger joints in Washington state
bulletfood channel - giant hamburger as on the food channel on TV
bulletfood - funky hamburger joints in Washington state
bulletfood channel - giant hamburger as on the food channel on TV
bullet Forest City IA-the smallest big town in Iowa /nice welcome center
bullet Forks, WA (a key setting in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series).
bullet formations - pinnacles, spires, fossil fumaroles, volcano facts
bullet Fort Clatsop at Lewis & Clark Nat'l Historical Park in Oregon
bullet Fort Clinch at Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina Beach, Florida
bullet Fort Custer Maze in Clear Lake, Iowa - June 2, 2010
bullet Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island, Georgia
bullet Fort Frederick in Big Pool, Maryland
bullet Fort Gaines in Alabama
bullet Fort Hood Military Base in Texas
bullet fort - James White's Fort in Knoxville, TN
bullet Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine - Tunnels, video and photos
bullet Fort Matanzas National Monument, St. Augustine Florida
bullet Fort Myers, a city on the Gulf coast of Florida and some boats
bullet Fort Nathan Hale, Black Rock Fort & Flags in New Haven, CT
bullet Fort Nelson travel, British Columbia, Canada - and HAIL on Lee
bullet Fort Niagara at Fort Niagara State Park in NY
bullet Fort Peck Dam and Lake & Old Fort Peck in Glasgow, Montana
bullet Fort Pulaski National Monument on Cockspur Island, Georgia
bullet Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada - a recreated village of the 1890's
bullet Fort Watauga in Elizabethton, Tennessee
bullet Fort Wool, Hampton Harbor Cruise, & U.S. Naval ships in Virginia
bullet Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington & a lighthouse
bullet 45th Parallel Latitude-1/2 way between Equator/No. Pole - Quebec
bullet 45th Parallel Latitude-1/2 way between Equator/N Pole-YellowstoneNP
bullet 45th Parallel Latitude-1/2 way between Equator/N Pole - Michigan
bullet Fortune cookies - how they are made
bullet Fountain Park, Glencairn Gardens, and more in Rock Hill, SC
bullet fossil bed-Devonian Jeffersonville Limestone-Falls of Ohio SP, IN
bullet fossil beds at Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park in B.C.
bullet Four Corners, USA - stand in 4 USA states at one time
bullet Frankfort Cemetery and the Mameluke Sword in Kentucky
bullet Frankenmuth, Michigan - an alpine/Bavarian village
bullet Frantic Follies-vaudeville revue/gold rush variety show
bullet Fraser River-world's greatest salmon river (McBride, BC, Canada)
bullet friends at Islamorado Fish Co. in Fort Lauderdale, FL 2015
bulletfriends - Helen Hodges in VA 2008
bulletfriends - Sandra Tabaka Nagel -friend since kindergarten - 2008
bullet friends - Sandy & George Brew - & Sandra Nagel - June 2017
bullet friends - Trostad's 50th Anniversary Celebration
bullet friendship knot in Woodstock, New York
bullet Frontier Village- prairie town-rare white buffalo, Jamestown ND
bullet Fry's Marketplace (Fry's Food & Drug Stores) in AZ
bulletfuel notices
bullet funny mirrors
bulletfunny signs - Grand Cayman (George Town) Cruise 2015
bulletfurnace - iron furnace used from 1840s to 1912
bullet furnace - Catoctin Iron Furnace in Maryland
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