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The two RV Gypsies hiked around Lake Haigler
a 1.5 mile trail

May 15, 2020

Scoville Dock Scoville Dock
Haigler Loop Sign

Below: Wildlife: Turtles, a bird, a lizard, a duck, and a squirrel

3 turtles turtles
turtle turtle
a bird on a log at Lake Haigler
lizard lizard
duck duck in Lake Haigler

Below: Lake Haigler Spillway, often called the waterfall in brochures.

dock at Lake Haigler Spillway Lake Haigler Spillway sign
Lake Haigler waterfall Lake Haigler waterfall
Lake Haigler waterfall Lake Haigler waterfall
Lake Haigler waterfall Lake Haigler waterfall

Below: Karen Duquette always asks permission from the rider before she photographs a horse and rider.

horse and rider at Lake Haigler horse and rider at Lake Haigle
streams throughout the Greenway streams throughout the Greenway
Lee Duquette on the stairs Lee Duquette at Lake Haigler

In the Photo Below: Lee saw a downed tree branch that he called an upside-down slingshot. Karen saw a right-side-up slingshot in the background that is perfectly centered between the branches of the bigger slingshot.

two slingshots

Below: The two RV Gypsies took a break directly opposite of Scoville Dock (the first two pictures on this page) and they enjoyed the painted rocks and the formation of clouds in the beautiful blue sky above.

across from Scoville Dock painted rocks
clouds in the sky clouds in the sky

Below: Lee's favorite cloud
- guess what he saw

Below: Karen loved the silky trail
in the sky

clouds in the sky clouds in the sky

Then it was time for the two RV Gypsies to continue their hike around Lake Haigler.

sign: Horses have right of way reflections by Karen Duquette
flower and bee flower and bee

look below

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