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The two RV Gypsies
learned how to extract honey from the bees
July 28, 2018

ImportantWhen the two RV Gypsies were on this same farm in 2017, Karen and Gabby put on bee suits and went into the field to check on the bees. At that time, Karen learned a lot about bees. If you wish to see those photos and learn some facts about the bees, click here. There will be a link at the bottom of that page to return back to this page to see how to extract the honey from the bees.

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2018: Gabby and Lou went to the beehives to collect the honey. They only had two bee suits so Karen could not go with them this time like she did in 2017. The 2017 photos can be seen by choosing the underlined link above.

Gabby and Lou at the bee hives

Lou at the bee hives

Gabby and Lou at the bee hives

Gabby and Lou at the bee hives

They brought back a lot of honey which they then proceeded to extract.

the honeycomb boxes

the extracting equipment

First Lou took a big, fat electric knife that was quite hot, and gently, but quickly lifted most of the honey and bee wax off of the honeycomb boxes. Then Lou let his son learn how to do this.

scraping the honey

scraping the honey

Then the extracted honey and wax was put into the extractor and they had to turn the handle hard and fast.

extracting the honey

The honey was then poured into a bucket.

honey in the bucket

The leftover wax was hand squeezed to separate any remaining honey from it.

squezing honey out of the wax

look below

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