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The two RV Gypsies spend time with family
in Tennessee
July 2- 6, 2020

TN map showing location of Brighton

The first time the two RV Gypsies visited Lee's nephew's farm in 2017, there were goats, horses, cows and just a lot of family fun. Plus Karen and Gabby put on bee suites and opened the bee hives so Karen can learn about the bees.

In 2018, the two RV Gypsies learned how the honey was extracted from the bee hives and made usable

In 2020, the two RV Gypsies returned to the farm and were surprised by how much Seth has grown. A big party was held and there were a lot of people around, and unfortunately, Karen did not take any pictures of people or the party. It is hard for Karen to enjoy the 4th of July, even when around family and friends.

pigs pigs
a pig roosters
roosters Lou Duquette
rooster mud hole
rooster rooster
roosters rooster
roosters rooster

Gabby's Aunt Teresa collected some vegetables from the fields.


The next time the two RV Gypsies' visit the farm, they want to take some family photos.

look below

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