Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

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bullet Pacific Ring of Fire: 4 volcanoes-Mt Spurr-Redoubt-Illianna-St Augustine

bullet paddlewheel in Canada

bullet paddlewheel boat tour in Clear Lake, Iowa (Lady of the Lake)
bullet- painted bear; The Village Bear in Cross Village, Michigan
bullet painted bathroom doors & walls (extraordinary), Chimney Rock NC
bullet painted benches; Englewood, Florida (west coast)
bullet painted buffalo in Fargo, North Dakota
bullet painted buffaloes in Custer, South Dakota
bullet painted Cadillacs, Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX (bring your own can of spray paint & join the fun)
bullet Painted Canyon in ND -part of Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park 2012 & 2016
bullet painted dolphins and sea turtles in Englewood, Florida
bullet painted dolphins & turtles in Clearwater Beach & St. Petersburg FL
bullet painted eagles in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
bullet painted fire hydrants / sidewalks in McBride, British Columbia, CA
bullet painted hands 6-feet tall in Old Town Artist Village, Berea KY
bullet painted horses - Around Town Carousels Abound in Meridian, MS
bullet painted pelicans, including military branches - in Pensacola, Florida
bullet painted rock hunt in Independence Iowa
bullet painted sheep in San Angelo, Texas
bullet painted sidewalk art in McBride, British Columbia, Canada
bullet- painted van: van painted very funky - "Show me your wild thing and I'll show you mine"

bullet Pajarito Plateau & Rio Grand Valley, Espanola NM

bullet Palisades State Park in Garretson, SD- 2012
bullet Palisades State Park in Garretson, SD - 2016
bullet Palm Springs Aerial Tram in CA - 12,703 feet (2-1/2 miles)

bullet Palmer, Alaska: a moose, a truck with its own mailbox, hiking & more - 2009

bullet Palmer, Alaska - 2016
bullet Palo Duro Canyon State Park (The Grand Canyon of TX)
bullet Panama Rocks - Chautauqua's Wonder of Nature-NY
bullet Pancake Bay Provincial Park, eastern shore Lake Superior, Ontario
bullet panning for gold at Kantishna, Denali National Park
bullet Paradise, Michigan and Tahquamenon Falls
bullet Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC
bullet park: Hagerstown City Park in Maryland
bullet park: Mount Helix park in La Mesa, California
bullet parrots on Fort Lauderdale Beach and a giant sandman
bullet Parson Jones - Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve
bullet Pasta Montana (General Mills building) in Great Falls, MT
bullet Patio of States in San Antonio, Texas
bullet Paul Bunyan statue in Oscoda, Michigan - 13 feet tall
bullet Paul Bunyan (and Babe) statues in Bimidji, Minnesota - 18 feet tall
bullet Paul Bunyan (and Babe) statues in Klamath, California - 49 feet 2 in.
bullet Paynes Creek Historic State Park, Bowling Green FL
bullet Paynes Prairie rest stop and Snake Wall in Central Florida
bullet Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - unique
bullet Peace Chapel & Tower: International Peace Garden - ND & Canada
bullet Peace Garden (International) in Dunseith, ND - 6/10/12 and 8/23/15
bullet Peace River in Wauchula, Florida (kayaking)
bullet peach: Big Peach in Clanton, Alabama and other peaches
bullet peach: Big Peach in Gaffney SC - the Peachoid 2013 & Karen
bullet peach - The Big Peachoid 2019 - a drive-by view
bullet peacock at a KOA campground in KY
bullet Peaked (pronounced “pea-kid”) Mountain in Mass. - not really

bullet Pearl of the Conchos mermaid statue at Riverwalk, San Angelo, TX

bullet Pedal Tavern in Nashville (an open vehicle with beer and party people)

bullet Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
bullet Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels
bullet Penobscot Narrows Bridge/Observatory Tower near Bucksport ME
bullet Pentagon Bldg fragment at the Marine Corp Museum in Virginia
bullet Pentagon tour 2019
bullet Perry's Monument: the nation's fourth tallest monument, at 352 feet
bullet Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert in Arizona
bullet Petrified Gardens in Kadoka, SD - the Black Hills (2016)
bullet petrified tree - the world's largest - Geronimo in Holbrook, Arizona
bullet Petroglyph Nat'l Monument (Boca Negra Canyon) in NM
bullet petroglyphs at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona
bullet petroglyphs at Pictograph Cave State Park in Montana
bullet petroglyphs at Pompeys Pillar Nat'l Monument, Worden, Montana
bullet petroglyphs and pictographs at Red Springs in NV
bullet petroglyphs: St. Victor's Petroglyphs Historic Park- Saskatchewan
bullet petroglyphs in Valley of Fire State Park in NV
bullet Philadelphia-Liberty Bell-Independence Hall-ChinaTown & more
bullet Photographer of Lighthouses (professional) - Cam Chapman
bullet photos- Old time - Karen, Lee and Kristen - in Fairbanks, Alaska
bullet piano - Lee playing a zebra striped piano
bullet Picaco Peak State Park's centerpiece spire - Tucson Arizona
bullet pictographs (images painted onto rock) Big Bend NP - TX
bullet Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore-Miner's Castle- Lake Superior
bullet Pierre Wibaux statue in Wibaux, Montana
bullet piers: Au Sable Harbor & Pier in Oscoda, Michigan
bullet piers: Oscoda Beach Park and Pier, Oscoda, Michigan
bullet piers: Stearns Wharf is a pier in the harbor at Santa Barbara, CA
bullet Pigeon Roost Massacre history in Scott County, Indiana
bullet Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, WA - home of the throwed fish
bullet PIKES PEAK in Colorado
bullet Pilot Mountain State Park in North Carolina
bullet Pine Mtn State Resort Park in Pineville KY - & the Chained Rock
bullet Pineapple Water Fountain & one other in Charleston SC
bullet pink elephant in WV
bullet pink pig in Adventureland
bullet pink pig BBQ roaster in Three Rivers, California
bullet pink pig in Tennessee
bullet pinnacles, spires, fossil fumaroles, hoodoos, Volcano facts
bullet pinnacles, balanced rocks, columns- photos & differences
bullet Pinwheel Garden at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas
bullet Pioneer Park - Fairbanks AK-gold rush town, sternwheeler paddleship
bullet Pioneer Park - Fairbanks AK-visit 2: family-old-time photos & more
bullet Pipeline - Alaska Pipeline - 2016
bullet Pirate Ship cruise (Captain Memo's) in Clearwater, Florida
bullet Pirate Festival and a pirate car in Boca Raton, Florida 2017
bullet pirates: Lee and Alex at Put-in-Bay in Ohio
bullet pirate statues and Pirate's Landing Restaurant in North Carolina
bullet plaques in sidewalk in Meridian, MS - artists, singers, actors, etc.
bullet Point Park - Lookout Mountain - in Chattanooga, Tennessee
bullet Pompeys Pillar National Monument in Worden, MT
bullet Ponce De Leon Lighthouse in Daytona Beach, Florida
bullet Pontoon boat ride on Lake Norman in Troutman, NC - July 21, 2019
bullet population of one (1) in Olnes City, Alaska
bullet Porcupine Mtns Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon & hiking in MI
bullet Port Angeles, Washington and The Landing
bullet Port of Anacortes and Cap Santa Marina in Washington State
bullet Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk in Portage, Indiana
bullet Post Office - Texarkana Post Office is in two states, TX & Arkansas
bullet potholes and an eddy at Manabezho Falls in the Porcupine Mtns
bullet Potomac River in Virginia
bullet pow wow in Fairbanks Alaska
bullet power plant: The Chena geothermal power plant in Alaska
bulletprairie dogs are all listed under the Wildlife button
bullet President George W. Bush sign in Midland TX
bullet Presidential busts (3) in South Dakota
bullet Presidential statues of Presidents of the United States of America
bullet Presidents at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota
bullet Price Lake - is a reservoir in Watauga County in the state of NC
bullet PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA - several pages
bullet Prince George, British Columbia, Canada 2009
bullet Prince George, Mr. PG, Fort George - 2015
bullet pronghorns (are all listed under TOC- Wildlife)
bullet propane tank painted like a sub-marine in Washington, state
bullet Provincial Park: Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park in Ontario Canada
bullet pumpkin festival in Shelton, Connecticut
bullet pumpkin patch -Pumpkin Glow-2018-Concord NC
bullet pumpkin tree
bullet pumpkin - WHITE pumpkin
bullet pumpkin, turkey, scarecrow display at Linnville Land Harbor in NC 2019
bullet pumpkins, hayrides and more at Hall Family Farm in NC - 2019
bullet pumpkins, hayrides, games at Greater Life Baptist Church in NC
bullet Put-in-Bay - South Bass Island - Kelleys Island - in Ohio
bullet Puye Cliff Dwellings in Santa Clara Canyon -Espanola, NM
bullet Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee
bullet pyramid, mirrored at Opus 40 in New York
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