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The two RV Gypsies stopped at
the San Angelo Visitor Center
in Texas
May 9, 2015

Texas Visitor Center

The two RV Gypsies went inside the San Angelo Visitor Center and the two men who worked there were very polite, friendly, knowledgable, and fun to talk to.

A painted deer inside the San Angelo Visitor Center. Each side was painted differently,

Lee photographed Karen as she stood at the wall outside the San Angelo Visitor Center, then Karen turned around and photographed the water as it flowed downhill.

the top of the waterfall
view of the Riverwalk

Below: The sign and sculpture of Carolina Angela de la Garza DeWitt, the young wife of San Angelo's founder, and St. Angela Merici for whom the frontier town of Santa Angela was named.

Karen Duquette at the sculpture

Below: Three slightly different views of the Visitor Center, sculpture and waterfall as seen from the Riverwalk area.

Visitor Center, sculpture and waterfall
Visitor Center, sculpture and waterfall
Visitor Center, sculpture and waterfall

The waterfall below the San Angelo Visitor Center and of course, Karen had to reach in and touch the water.

watefall and Karen Duquette

Below: The front and both sides of a Rambouillet ewe. There were many painted sheep all throughout the town of San Angelo, but of course the two RV Gypsies did not get to see or photograph all of them. Most of the sheep were painted differently on both sides. This one was located just below the Visitor Center by the Riverwalk.

Rambouillet ewe
painted sheep
painted sheep

Walking along the Riverwalk at the bottom of the Visitor Center, the two RV Gypsies passed under a bridge with a real nice ceramic mural.

bridge by the Visitor Center
a nice ceramic mural under the bridge

The two RV Gypsies walked across the next bridge that they came to so that they could walk along the Riverwalk on the other side. (Eventually, crossed a bridge down the way and returned to the Visitor Center where they parked their jeep.)

bridge #2
Lee Duquette on the bridge

View from bridge #2 of the other side of bridge #1 and the view of the Visitor Center from the other side of the Riverwalk.

bridge #1
San Angelo Visitor Center

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inĀ  Texas
May 4 - 10, 2015

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