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The two RV Gypsies checked out
some monuments, statues and Old Town
in San Angelo, Texas
May 9, 2015

Memorial Monument sign
Sept 11 memorial
Sept 11 memorial

River Stage

River Stage
River Stage
star in the walkway
lilly pond
Lilly pond and small waterfall
lillies in the pond
lillies in the pond
Garden Sprite statue sign
Garden Sprite statue
passing it on statue sign
Passing it On statue

Old Town Historic District, San Angelo, Texas

history book clipartIn 1972, the “first and grandest Victorian home ever built in San Angelo” known as the DeBerry Mansion was razed. The DeBerry Mansion was built in the late 1880s was marveled for its Victorian architecture and was considered a landmark in San Angelo, Texas. In 1971, the San Angelo National Bank bought the house with intentions of using the land to expand the bank’s parking lot. The Bank offered to give away the house to any group that would preserve it; hence, the San Angelo Heritage Society was formed in 1971. However, the San Angelo Heritage Society failed to raise enough money for the house and the bank razed the building in 1972. The effort to save local historic buildings, like the DeBerry Mansion, was an inspiration for later conservation groups in San Angelo:?the Old Town Conservancy and the Historical San Angelo Inc. These two groups joined forces in the early 1990s to establish the Old Town Historic District. The Old Town Historic District is located on Orient Street in between Ave A and Hardmann Pass, within the Cultural District.

Old Town Historic District Sign
artwork holding up a sign

The Old Town Marker describes the purpose behind creating Old Town San Angelo

ART by a local artist.

Old Town Historic District Sign

Early Residence (502 Orient Street)

The Early Residence was the first structure to be relocated to Old Town Historic District in 1993. The building was built in the late 1880s and was originally located in the 200 block of West Concho Avenue. It was first used as a residence and later turned in a commercial property. The style of the building is Vernacular/Folk Victorian.

early residence sign
wooden horse

Zenker House (512 Orient Street)

The Zenker House was designed by Reunify in 1900 and the style of the house is Queen Anne cottage. The house was owned by Charles Zenker, a local saloon owner.?In 1918, the house became apartments and later the Concho Valley Home for Girls- a shelter for troubled teens. The house was relocated to Old Town Historic District in 2002.

Zenker House sign
Zenker House

Allen-Hartgrove House

George Allen was known as “the man who brought music to San Angelo” and came to San Angelo with intentions of going into the sheep business. Instead, Allen opened a music store- the only music store west of Fort Worth and east of El Paso. The Allen-Hartgrove house was built in 1909 and is Queen Anne style. The house was originally built at 418 West Twohig Avenue, later moved to the Hartgrove Family Ranch in the 1970s, and finally relocated to Old Town Historic District in 1998.

Allen-Hartgrove House sign
Allen-Hartgrove House
bank building

Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures in Texas
May 4 - 10, 2015

kook below

Houston TX and Blue Elbow Swamp

Westlake RV Resort in Houston

The Alamo

Restaurants in San Antonio

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

SegCity Segways Tour

San Antonio (the city)

Medina Lake -Thousand Trails in Pipe Creek

San Angelo Visitor Center

San Angelo Riverwalk and art

Old Town San Angelo

Nature Center and Sunken Gardens

downtown San Angelo

San Angelo KOA

Monahans Sandhills State Park and rolling down the sand dunes

kook below

the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies AFTER you have seen all of the above, please continue on to New Mexico