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bullet Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
bullet kaleidoscope - flower bowl kaleidoscope in Frankenmuth, MI
bullet kaleidoscope - World's Largest Kaleidoscope-Mt Tremper NY
bullet Kantishna, Denali NP, swinging bridge and more - 2016
bullet Kanawha Falls, Glen Ferris, West Virginia - 2021
bullet Karen Duquette on an ATV ride in 2011 in Falmouth, Jamaica
bullet Karen Duquette inside the Big Head at Citygarden in St. Louis, Missouri - 2022
bullet Karen Duquette in a seated dress, holding flowers - a joke

bullet Karen Duquette, Spiderman, and King Kong at the Flight Deck Restaurant in SC

bullet Karen Duquette gets fat and skinny in the mirrors in Cincinnati Ohio - 2022
bullet Karen Duquette with Spiderman and Ninja Turtle in Ohio
bullet Karen attacked by a giant mosquito in Alaska 2016
bullet Karen with a real Indian at a Pow Wow in Fairbanks, Alaska
bullet Karen getting attacked by a big rhino
bullet Karen - It's 5 o'clock somewhere (in Key West, FL)
bullet Karen enjoying a Rum Runner at Hidden Harbor, Erie PA 2021 & the sunset
bullet Karen in the sprinkler system at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham NC-one of the nicest gardens
bullet Karen in the water fountain in Knoxville, TN - 2016
bullet Karen in a giant bird cage in Casey, Illinois - 2022
bullet Karen in a giant bird cage at Voyageurs National Park
bullet Karen dancing with Candy characters at Hershey Park in PA
bullet Karen in an aerial tram, big rocking chair, bit by a monster-Hell's Gate
bullet Karen, a caveman, giant, Natural Stone Bridge/Caves Pottersville NY
bullet Karen's birthday Party - 2009
bullet Karen's birthday lobster (7 pounds) 2013
bullet Karen's birthday cake 2022
bullet Karen's Retirement Party - 2008
bullet Karen falls out of a carving into knee-deep snow hole on Grouse Mountain
bullet Karen and Lee in a friendship knot in Woodstock, New York
bullet Karen in German outfit & Little Bo Peep in Frankenmuth, MI
bullet Karen dances with a polar bear and learns a secret
bullet Karen as a mermaid in Long Beach, Washington
bullet Karen's best friend from her U.S. Navy boot camp days
bullet Karen kissing a frog at ZipQuest in Fayetteville NC
bullet Karen riding a barrel
bullet Karen parties w/new friends on Sea Blaster boat in Destin, FL
bullet Karen on a horse-drawn covered-wagon & a jackalope-Wall Drug SD
bullet Karen in Canadian park kitchen by stove fireplace, eating
bullet Karen in the Virgin River
bullet Karen sitting in a giant Gorilla's hand
bullet Karen & Lee's first date, engagement, and military photos
bullet Karen & Lee's 50th Wedding Anniversary - Mai-Kai Polynesian show
bullet Karen & Lee riding a bull in Branson, Missouri - 2006
bullet Karen & Lee's thermal image
bullet Karen Duquette enjoyed a glass of wine in New River Campground, Gauley Bridge, West Virginia - June 2021
bullet Karen's old Navy Buddy - ha! ha!
bullet Karen sitting on a missile in Wilmington, North Carolina
bullet Karen Duquette with a pirate boat in Blowing Rock, (the city) NC - October 2021
bullet Karen takes a bite out of a scarecrows apple - in Gatlinburg, TN - Halloween 2021
bullet kayaking in Fairbanks, Alaska - 2016
bullet kayaking in the middle of the city in Indianapolis, Indiana
bullet kayaking at John Pennekamp State Park in Florida
bullet kayaking on the Peace River in Wauchula, Florida
bullet kayaking Sugar Creek in Turkey Run State Park IN with friends
bullet Keehne Nature Center in Bellevue, MI
bullet Kelleys Island & State Park Public Beach & Put-in-Bay, Ohio
bullet Ken's Camera in Mount Vernon, Washington
bullet Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral - 1975, 1981, 2003 & 2007
bullet Kent Falls at Kent Falls State Park in Connecticut
bullet Kentucky Caverns (Mammoth Onyx Cave) in Horse Cave, KY
bullet Kentucky Down Under - introduction to Australian history and animals
bullet Kentucky Fried Chicken birthplace & museum - first visit 2009
bullet Kentucky Fried Chicken birthplace - with their grandson in 2011
bullet Kentucky's Capital City and Capitol Building
bullet Kentucky / Ohio divider line on a bridge
bullet Kepler Cascades on the Firehole River, Yellowstone NP
bullet KY's Natural Bridge & Sky Lift, gorge overlook, Balancing rock
bullet Kentucky's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
bullet Ketchikan, Alaska - several pages
bullet Kettle Valley RR / Quintette tunnels-Coquihalla Canyon BC
bullet key lime pie on a stick and dipped in chocolate
bullet Key West, Florida 2014
bullet Key West, Florida - Norwegian Sky Cruise 2015
bullet Keystone Canyon in Alaska and some waterfalls
bullet Kill Board on the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington, North Carolina
bullet kindness meter in Dawson Creek BC
bullet King Kong and his balls
bullet Kings Canyon National Park in California
bullet Kings Mountain National Military Park in SC - lots of history
bullet Kinzua Sky Walk Bridge-Mt. Jewett, PA - historical RR bridge
bullet Kiskatinaw Bridge in British Columbia - historical Mile 21
bullet kissing tower at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania
bullet Klamath tree - a drive thru tree in Northern California
bullet Klondike Gold Dredge in Skagway, Alaska
bullet Knik Glacier - ATV backcountry and Karen's big crash - 2016
bullet Knik Glacier - ATV backcountry through a river - 2009
bullet Knik Glacier-view glacier & Knik River from Hatchers Pass -
bullet knot of friendship (love knot) in Woodstock, New York
bullet Knotts Berry Farm Amusement Park in Buena Park, CA
bullet knotty carvings in Alaska
bullet Knoxville TN and the Sunsphere at the World's Fair Park
bullet Kodachrome Basin State Park in Utah
bullet Koka Booth Amphitheatre and the NC Chinese Lantern Festival - 2022 - two pages
bullet Kootenai Falls and the swinging Bridge in Montana
bullet Korean War Veterans Memorial in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
bullet Kosciuszko Park in Stamford, CT (2021)
bullet Kozlowski Farms in California

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