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map of Connecticut showing location of Kent Falls

The two RV Gypsies went to
Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT
October 8, 2013 and September 29, 2014

Kent Falls State Park sign

Kent Falls is a series of waterfalls on Falls Brook, a tributary of the Housatonic River in the Litchfield Hills, in the southern Berkshires. The falls drop 250 feet in under a quarter mile. The largest cascade drops more than 70 feet into a reflecting pool, before traveling over the lesser falls.

The falls are part of Kent Falls State Park, a state park located in the town of Kent, Connecticut. In addition to its scenery, the park offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, and picnicking. The park has a replica of a covered bridge that allows visitors to cross the brook and access the falls.

sign: Impressionsm in Connecticut
a replica of a covered bridge
a replica of a covered bridge
fall colors by the stream
fall colors by the stream
curvy, rocky, water trail

After taking a photo of Karen Duquette by Kent Falls, Lee told her to turn and face the other way. Actually, Karen likes the first photo best. (2013)

Karen Duquette by Kent Falls
Karen Duquette by Kent Falls
Karen Duquette by Kent Falls
Kent Falls

The two RV Gypsies did not hike the trail that goes up besides the waterfall, because Lee Duquette was in need of both knees being replaced.

Kent Falls
the bottom layer of Kent Falls

The two RV Gypsies returned to Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT on September 29, 2014 and this time they hiked higher up to the falls because Lee Duquette's knees were doing fine. This time they walked a total of 370 stone stairs - round trip.

Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Kent Falls

laughing dudeLots of potholes, and the pothole in the photo below on the right even looked like a human skull.

a big pothole
human skull pothole
Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Kent Falls

Some steps had a railing, but most did not, and most steps were not really stairs, but a big steep step up from one rock to another.

steep steps
fall foliage at Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Kent Falls
Karen Duquette at Kent Falls

most of the steps required
legs to bend at least 90 degrees
if not more

The path went away from the falls, then probably circled back around to the top of the falls, but the two RV Gypsies decided not to push Lee's knees that much.

steep steps
a very rocky path

Heading back down, Karen Duquette took photos of the fall foliage and flowers.

fall foliage
fall foliage
flowers and a stream

The two RV Gypsies back at the covered bridge.

a stream at fall foliage
the covered bridge

The two RV Gypsies made a new friend, Elijah. They enjoyed talking to him. He is a veteran who also lives in an RV.

Elijah and Lee - two veterans
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September 8 - 30, 2014
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Jimmies, Savin Rock, Seaside Park

Lee Duquette's birthday celebration

Branch Brook Campground

Mossup Pond and Murphy the Amazing Dog

Kent Falls (this page)

West Cornwell Covered Bridge, River Park and  fall foliage

The two RV Gypsies made a few comments about a few restaurants they visited in Connecticut. To read these comments and see photos, use the TOC button above, then choose the "restaurants" button. Be sure to return to this page to view the rest of the Connecticut sections. Thanks for visiting the two RV Gypsies' website

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