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The two RV Gypsies explored
a very unique house
(as seen on the Travel Channel)
August 29, 2009

Looking for a most unique experience? Have a look and meet Radium's most colorful resident and artist, Rolf Heer. On entering Radium Hot Springs from Kootenay National Park, the two RV Gypsies immediately noticed a number of life-sized wood carvings on the roadside. This is the studio of local artist Rolf Heer who carves from stumps, driftwood or any other kind of unique wood found in the area. (This house is located across the street from the restaurant the two RV Gypsies mention on the previous page of this website.)

ouside of house
Canadian flag on top of house
ouside of house
ouside of house
side of house
view of house
carvings on the outside of the house
carvings on the outside of the house
Because the outside of this house was so amazing, The two RV Gypsies paid $3 a person to go INSIDE the house - although once inside, it still looked like they were outside.
Lee inside the house
looking up towards the ceiling - what ceiling
a carving closeup
The two RV Gypsies had fun "getting behind the wonderful carvings"
Karen Duquette
Lee Duquette
Many doors were quite intriguing - so Lee Duquette followed the written directions - Videos are on this website and can be reached through the TOC button above, and then choosing videos.
the tired seat
Karen kissing a lonely bear

The two RV Gypsies were amazed at the spectacular array of carvings, from the smallest to the largest. They all had their own distinct character. Rolf Heer's woodcarving has been seen by people around the world and he was featured on the popular TV series "Weird Homes" and on "The Travel Channel." The two RV Gypsies would not call his house weird, they call it amazingly unique.

poster of Rolf Heer - the house owner
poster of Rolf Heer - the house owner
Indian carving

About the woodcarver: Rolf's eccentric appearance may fool many into believing he is something he is not. He is a mountain man with a love for nature and art. Many of his sculptures are done by a unique carving tool - the Chainsaw! Rolf's pet goats live on the roof of his house and Craft Shop. Complete with all the amenities, their own "goat chalet", a green meadow, everything a goat's heart could desire. Rolf's roof provides it all. He is well known for his chainsaw sculptures and for his unique looks and style of dress.

Below: Karen Duquette with Rolf Heer, the man that lives here and did all these fabulous carvings. He has such a talent and a great sense of humor.

the master and his house
Karen Duquette and Rolf Heer
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