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Look below for the TOCTOC - TABLE OF CONTENTS - Alaska
bullet Alaska map & site menu for photos and history of individual cities
bullet Alaska travel notes - day vs. night - Toursaver book - Canada entry
bullet Alaska - Bumps and Gunk
bullet Alaska Hwy: the beginning of the Alaska Hwy-Dawson Creek BC
bullet Alaska Highway: the end of the Alaska Hwy Delta Junction, Alaska
bullet Alaska history, time zone, flag, Capital, & other state facts
bullet Alaska Pipeline (The Trans-Alaska Pipeline) - some history & facts
bullet Alyeska Aerial Tramway in Girdwood - 6/16/09
bullet Anchor Point - No. America's Most Westerly Hwy Point/& eagles
bullet Anchorage-Wild Berry Park & dinner dog show w/ Dallas Seavey

bullet ATV Adventure - Bryce Canyon - August 9, 2012

bullet ATV Adventure in the backcountry of Palmer, Alaska 6/13/09
bullet ATV Adventure- Knik Glacier & crossing a very high river - 7/24/09
bullet ATV Adventure - Knik Glacier and Karen's accident - 2016
bullet ATV Adventure in Falmouth, Jamaica on November 1, 2011 - photos coming soon
bullet ATV rough and dirty ride in Denali - July 5, 2009
bullet Botanical Gardens Fairbanks-black Forget-Me-Nots & cabbage
bullet Bush floatplane adventure & a scary surprise - 3 pages
bullet Chena Hot Springs, Ice Museum/Hotel/geothermal plant - trip 1 2009
bullet Chena Hot Springs dog cart ride, horseback riding, The Ice House
bullet Chicken - The Fortymile Caribou Herd history - The Pedro Dredge
bullet City with a population of ONE, plus some unique travel photos
bullet Chugach Nat'l Forest hike -Trail of Blue Ice in Portage, bergie bits
bullet Dallas Seavey - Iditarod dog sled winner
bullet Delta Junction - end of Alaska Hwy, & The Knotty Shop & Pipeline
bullet Denny's - the northernmost Denny's in the world
bullet Denali-Iditarod Champ Jeff King's Husky Homestead, plus a moose
bullet Denali Nat'l Park - July 2009 - wildlife & panning for gold & more
bullet Denali Nat'l Park - trip 2, wildlife, Jetboat ride, RV park plus
bullet El Dorado Gold Mine in Fox - train ride and panning for gold - trip 1
bullet El Dorado Gold Mine/ $40,000 gold nugget (NOT Karen & Lee's)
bullet Fairbanks - Botanical Gardens in Fairbanks
bullet Fairbanks - bowl carving & the northernmost Denny's in the world,
bullet Fairbanks - downtown Fairbanks
bullet Fairbanks - Pioneer Park Gold Rush Town, a sternwheeler plus 7/14/09
bullet Fairbanks - Pioneer Park & some Old-Time Photos - August 8, 2009
bullet Fairbanks-Riverboat Discovery Cruise/Iditarod dogs/ Fish Camp
bullet Fairbanks - Riverboat Discovery Cruise & the Fish camp - trip 2
bullet Farthest No.Square/Round Dance Cntr, Pioneer Park, Fairbanks
bullet Glacier View-Grand View Cafe RV Park/weird shaped mtn & glacier
bullet Glaciers - Bear Glacier in Resurrection Bay - largest glacier in Kenai Fjords Nat'l Park plus Dall Porpoises
bullet Glaciers - Columbia/Mears Glacier Excursion-caving and wildlife
bullet Glaciers - Columbia/Mears Glacier Excursion & a newly formed cave
bullet Glaciers - Matanuska Glacier and a hike to a big lake - June 16, 2009
bullet Glaciers - Matanuska Glacier - completely changed - July 23, 2009
bullet Glaciers - Portage Glacier Cruise: Portage Glacier and waterfalls
bullet Glaciers - Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise & Surprise Glacier
bullet Glaciers - Salmon Glacier - 5th largest in the world - marmot & bears -
bullet Glaciers - Salmon Glacier - 2009
bullet Glaciers - Valdez Glacier - June 7, 2009
bullet Glaciers - Valdez Glacier - different from 1st & a big climb up a hill
bullet Glaciers - Worthington Glacier - first visit in 2009
bullet Glaciers - Worthington Glacier & newly formed Ice Cave - 2nd visit 2009
bullet Glennallen and Mt. Drum
bullet Haines, Chilkoot Lake, & a bear fishing plus the campground
bullet Hatcher Pass and another view of the Knik Glacier
bullet Homer Spit and lots of bald eagles, glacier views
bullet Horse-drawn covered-wagon ride in Denali
bullet Hyder - Friendliest Ghost Town in AK - bears & Salmon Glacier
bullet Hyder - grizzly bears & 5th largest glacier in the world - 2015
bullet Independence Mine State Historical Park
bullet Jeep backcountry tour through mud and water (near Denali)
bullet Jet Boat Adventure to an Indian Encampment 6/30/09
bullet Mount Wrangell, Lake Willow, scenery and a moose
bullet North Pole - The Santa Claus House and two RV parks - trip 1
bullet North Pole - trip 2 with family - August 4, 2009
bullet Old Railroad Tunnel
bullet Olnes City, AK - city with population of one, yet two cabins
bullet Palmer: Mt View RV Park-Matanuska Peak Trail & moose
bullet Richardson Hwy, more pipeline, moose, Donnelly Dome & more
bullet Seward & salmon jumping upstream plus Bear Creek RV Park
bullet Sled dogs in training at Denali National Park
bullet Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula - moose, beaches, fishing areas and more
bullet Talkeetna & a view of Mount McKinley
bullet Talkeetna - Bush floatplane adventure & a scary surprise - 3 pages
bullet Talkeetna - Cafe Michele
bullet Talkeetna - Mahay's Jet Boat Adventure to an Indian Encampment
bullet Tok & Tok RV Village
bullet Thompson Pass near Valdez - the snowiest place on earth - 2009
bullet Thompson Pass with family - plus waterfalls at Keystone Canyon -
bullet World Eskimo Indian Olympics - WEIO in Fairbanks
bullet Travel to Denali and views of Mt. McKinley
bullet Travel to Valdez and The Tiekel River
bullet Travel through Wasilla and Willow, & Houston Fire Department
bullet Valdez: Old Valdez, Valdez Glacier, Bayside RV Park, waterfalls
bullet Valdez - a coyote and Valdez Harbor - August 2009
bullet Whittier: Beluga Point-Turnagain Arm plus the train/car tunnel
bullet Whittier - Portage Valley RV Park & an un-named glacier
bullet Wildlife
bullet Wolf Country, USA - wolves that were in the movie with Sean Penn

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