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The two RV Gypsies
drove through Wasilla, Willow,
and Houston, Alaska
July 28, 2009
The two RV Gypsies drove through several small towns on their way back towards Fairbanks because they had to meet their daughter and grandchildren at Fairbanks Airport. Of course they still had time to make several stops before arriving back in Fairbanks. Karen could not resist taking photos as Lee drove through the small towns.
Wasilla Police Dept
Palmer-Wasilla Hwy sign
Below is a very strange sign with big orange colored letters that spells Wasilla. The letters are up above the big gray stone, and then the words Welcomes You under the big gray stone. However, all of the words were hard to see and it was as if the words were suspended in air. If anyone knows what the gray part of the sign represents, let the two RV Gypsies know. Maybe mountains and a fish ?????? Anyway, the scenery was attractive and eye-catchingly unique.
Wasilla Welcomes You sign
The photos on this page were all taken through a closed window of the RV (the window was not made to open) so many have a reflection, plus it was difficult to get a proper photograph without stopping the RV. Obviously the two RV Gypsies can not stop their big RV and toad and pull over just anyplace, and Karen Duquette likes to entertain herself while by taking photographs while Lee drives.
City of Wasilla on wall
the mug-shot saloon
Yet another cute little coffee house - they are all over Alaska
cute coffee house
Below: Housing along the road-side
housing along the road-side
housing along the road-side
housing along the road-side
housing along the road-side
pink transmission building
U.S. Army sign
don't trash Alaska sign
The two RV Gypsies drove through a small city called Houston - and past its tiny fire department.
welcome to houston sign
building in Houston
Houston fire truck and bldg
Next, the two RV Gypsies drove through another cute little town, called Willow, and it had two cute coffee shops. Many of these coffee shops also sell ice cream, as does the one in the left photo below. Karen liked the sign "bad ass coffee." Some Alaskans told the two RV Gypsies that Alaskans eat ice cream all year round because it is cold in the summer, and warm in the winter. Another advantage of spending months in Alaska via RV - instead of going on the standard cruise, is meeting and talking to many natives.
coffee house & ice cream shop  in Willow
coffee house in Willow
A windshield repair shop - almost everybody needs this, including the two RV Gypsies
windshield repair shop
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